Monday, January 31, 2011

Of Munni Madam and Monica Lewinsky..

What characters in Phas Gaye Re Obama!! Munni Madam has a fetish for statues, Dhananyjay Singh has perennial constipation or as they say bawasir who chants mantras, Bhaiya Ji has this ambition to go to Kullu and become a MLA by kidnapping who keeps tightening his pyjama strings!! there are so many laugh out moments when the English teacher comes and scolds Annie, or when Kanhaiyaa says I smell instead of I swear!! Talk is this Sirji.. English speaking no child's play :P And Munni Madam's cohorts are named Kareena, Deepika, Madhuri, Rani, Preity :D What an idea!! What dialogues - Tu apna time le lekin jaldi kar de!! or that hilarious scene where Munni Madam's girls are taking about Bill Clinton - Monica Lewinsky affair..wife bechari ghar me wait karti thi or yeh office me 20-20 ka match khelta tha.. or when Annie is explaining the role of FBI in Saddam Hussein, gatar se dhoond liya, phir check up karvaya aur suli par latka diya :D
Like the whole kidnapping business.. when the guy finally pays 25 lakhs for his father, he gets a receipt that guarantees that he will not be kidnapped again for 1 year.. It was pure black comedy but behind this lay a very strong comment on the state of our political system in rural hinterlands where kidnapping is as common as buying a vegetable.. just like the tragically comical Peepli Live..
Super super fun movie.. Worth checking out..strongly recommended.. Wish I had watched it in theatre..

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