Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sugar Cubes

On Christmas, there was this thing called for Sugar Cubes, in which you could write a message to a person you want to send one and it would be delivered to him/her by the people. You could also write it anonymously. Nice no?
These were the ones I got.
Am guessing this is from Arpita..

This is from Jaspreet..

This is again from Arpita I guess..

This one is from our manager who sent it to all

This one is from Aastha..

These small things make us more happy than those material gifts..ain't it? And looks like that many people like my smile..didn't know that :)
I loved all of them. I had written for
आस्था, जसप्रीत, हितेश, अर्पिता, जेन्नी and ऋषि
I hope they liked it. Jaspreet put what I had written on FB which became quite controversial :D
And I wanted to write for अभिषेक but since he is not here, so will write for him here only...
Someone who is one of the very few genuine and real persons,
who is an inspiration to be good at everything one does..
I liked Sugar Cubes because some things you just can't say especially someone like me, so why not write...
Hmmm..Will write more..Cioas..


  1. I think you would be one of the few male members getting such a high number of "Sugar cubes" :-P :)


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