Thursday, December 30, 2010

Of Last Posts of the Year..

So am writing the last post of 2010. I saw some blogs talking about the end of decade. Although decade could be any period of 10 years but wasn't this decade over last year itself from 2000-2009? But we like to end things completely..2009 gives a feeling of one year left, so the end of 2010 feels more complete. But let's talk about 2010!! One of my favourite tweeters Surekha Pillai says "the last day of the year feels more important than the first is like seeing off an old friend and meeting a new one" very true..

Yamini gave a beautiful summary of 2010 through photographs.. I don't have photographs (have some though, but not worth telling a story).. So I guess I will pen down..whatever I remember this year for..

Well, now I when I think about writing..most of what happened to me this year, I have put already here in that job poem post. Moreover, I have the habit of writing year gone by reviews ever since I started blogging, which look carbon copies of each other.

2010.. I finally came to terms with life. You know this thing like when we are in Class 10, 11 and 12, everybody realises that school is about to come to an end and everyone will go to colleges and everybody starts working towards getting in to the best college, and when we reach college, it is like you have three-four years, you enjoy your college life but in a way you know that college is also a means to attaining your as they say dream job or dream life. I mean we all are working towards a larger goal in life when we are in school on college, how so ever confusing or obscure that goal or life may be. Now, since I have gone pass through this school and college phase and finally started working for almost 1.5 years, I realise this is it! What next are you aiming for? There is nothing to go ahead to work towards a larger goal? Someone in office had put this status message.. Retirement is still 35 years away!! and I was like shit! I have to work all my life for earning my living!! I know I am sounding like what-is-that-word.. ummm defeatist I guess, I could start my own business or I could do whatever I like..but since I haven't been able to figure it out yet, I finally accepted that there is no goal now.. this is dead end!! I have to accept this.. I really don't know where will I be in 2020. Like I was in Class 8 in 2000, and in 10 years what a drastic drastic shift life has taken. Board exams, entrance exams, college life, started working, fall in love or lust whatever you call, develop physically (though not mentally in my case) and as they say boys stop growing after 21, in a way life has also stopped growing.. In 2020, if I am alive, I will be working in some job.. enough of this coming to terms with life thing, life goes on.. but I am totally shit scared.. In 6.5 years I will be 30!!!! OMG, panic.. Gul Panag's next film is Turning 30..I have already developed bald patches in my head..

Ok.. next.. everybody around me is getting married!! Richa got married!! I still remember the day she called me out of the blue and I was having lunch in office that she got engaged and I gasped like anything. I mean the person you literally grew up with and you see them married is surreal. That was another highlight of the year. In 2-3 years, people will have start having kids!! Talking about my marriage, I am safe because I will not get married because I am incapable of being loved by anybody : Hum itne bade ho gaye kya :( Now little kids have started calling me uncle :( Uncle mat kaho na..

Meredith said about her sister Lexie in Grey's that she has inappropriate feelings for inappropriate people. Having crushes is a part of life, in school, there would be definitely be some english or chemistry teacher, that you developed a crush for..There was this phase in 2010, when I realised that I had inappropriate feelings for inappropriate people, still do though :( I didn't know what happened but sometimes it just happens.. that was a very very difficult phase.

I have so much to write more..will continue in other posts. Till then Happy New Year


  1. Dude its a fantastic photograph capturing a wonderful smile.. And all you can see is a bald patch. I am sorry but that's just not done.


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