Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jab jab karta hun..mehekta hun..behekta hun..

Guzaarish :)

One of my most awaited films of the year..Ever since I have seen my all time favourite movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, I have been a big fan of Sanjay Leela Bhansali...Devdas (what a grand film), Black (another all time favourite, still cry loads when I see it) or Saawariya (will not call this favorite but still has a special place in my heart).. Although still haven't seen Khamoshi completely.. Here comes Guzaarish..and must say this film will also go down as one of my all time favorites.

Guzaarish is about Ethan, a quadriplegic magician played by Hrithik Roshan. After living life as a vegetable for 14 years, he finally decides to file a petition for Euthanasia or as he calls it Ethanasia. His nurse for 12 years Sophie played by Aishwarya and friend Devyani played by Shenaz Patel assist him in filing this petition. The story as one can imagine is so so tragic but still it gives out a message of hope to live life fully, love every person who matters to you..

Bhansali's films have this larger than life and his strong sense of opulence always enthralls. The film is beautifully shot, every scene one can see the immense detailing that has gone into it.

There are some genuinely emotional moments that will make you cry. Here are some of my best scenes from the film

1. When Ethan's mother Isabel says to the judge to stop his pain and let him live a life of dignity

2. The magic tricks..spectacular!! the song tera zikr..
Ke tera zikr hai, ya koi itr hai...
jab jab karta hun, mehekta hun, behekta hun, chehkta hun
What lines, awesome :)

3. Ash - what a beauty!! her eyes, her earrings, her dress, her red rose, her lips..her emotions through eyes..her dance on song Udi.. Loved her in Jodhaa Akbar also for her ability to covey expressions through eyes and now this also..

4. When Omar asks him about Ethan's first trick - he says the laughter of his mother

5. Omar: Sir, I need to give you a hug Ethan: I have enough attachments already

6. 100 gram zindagi song - the scene where Ethan sees boys playing football and then a scarecrow that in a way reminded him of his life

7. The scene when Ethan asks the lawyer to spend just 60 seconds in a box so that he can experience how he has been living like this for 14 years

8. The haunting scene when Ethan fight a battle with the drop of rain from the leaking roof

9. His song at his mother's funeral

10. That crackling scene when Ethan gets aroused and starts making sounds, Sophia surprises him be reciprocating with her own moans :)

11. Sophia's outburst at the court

12. Ethan's accident

13. And above all, Hrithik and Ash..brilliant..magic..tragic..

In love with Guzaarish :)

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