Sunday, October 24, 2010

Suno Aishaaaaaaaaa :)

I saw Aisha yesterday night and I don't know I liked it..I mean it was kind of ok.. it seems I have started to like films which have been panned all over (No don't include that grotesque Hisss which I have no intentions of watching ever even if some one some calls me to its premiere in LA).. Aisha is a typical sweet story inspired from Emma (one of my favorite books since we had it as our supplementary reader in Class 8). I love Jane Austen classics. Mr. Knightley was such a cool character which Abhay Deol essayed in Aisha. But since it is inspired and modified for an Indian audience, the characters weren't that witty. I really liked the girl who played Shefali. I love Sonam Kapoor, no matter what others think of her. I loved her in Saawariya and I hate Luv Storys and now in Aisha..that girl has style and kick ass attitude..and importantly she acts well..

Anyway, talkng of Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice is another must read classic. What I love about her books that her heroines are not typical miss goody two shoes, but very real..very selfish..very self centered..very independent.. Emma Woodhouse, Elizabeth Bennet, Marianne Dashwood..
Back to Aisha, I liked 2 dialogues..
1. Aisha: Muje laga tha jab mujhe pyaar hoga, to meri sari duniya badal jayegi. Chitra Massi : Pyaar koi toofan nahi hai jo aye aur zindagi badal de..pyaar to zindagi ke chote chote lamhon me hai.
2. Pinki: Hum kisi fairytale me nahi Delhi me rehte hai.. yahan hum rainbow nahi traffic ka dhuan hai..agar is me ek sitara bhi dikh jaye vahi bahut hai.. Hmmm
Meanwhile, I am addicted to the song Udi from Guzaarish..What awesome lyrics, na?

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