Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love Salman Rushdie. Period!

I just love Sir Salman Rushdie. He is a brilliant writer and am in total awe of him ever since I have read Midnight's Children. I have started reading his next Luka and the Fire of Life and the following passage is an excerpt form the first chapter, just love his imagination!! His writing gives me a high!! I still remember his description of Qara Koz in The Enchantress of Florence...what a piece of writing it is!!!! And Saleem Sinai of my favourite book ever Midnight's Children..what magic that book is...Sigh..he is never going to get a Nobel :(

Here is my collection of Rushdie...not showing off!!! just want to show my latest addition to it..Ahem Ahem!!

It's a pity that people don't read much of him out of hatred for him writing The Satanic Verses (which I desperately want to read, not the ebook but hardcover, but sadly banned in India)

The only thing that I look forward to these days is his writing :'(

Just read this passage!!

When Luka was only a few years old, his father's hands acquired lives and even minds of their own. They had names too; there was Nobody (the right hand) and Nonsense (the left), and they were mostly obedient and did what Rashid wanted them to, such as waving about in the air when he wanted to make a point (because he liked to talk a lot), or putting food in his mouth at regular intervals (because he liked to eat a lot). They were even willing to wash the part of Rashid he call bee tee em, which was extremely obliging of them. But, as Luka quickly discovered, they also had a ticklish will of their own, especially when he was within their reach. Sometimes when the right hand started tickling and he begged "Stop, please stop", his father replied, "It's not me. In fact, Nobody's tickling you", and when his left hand joined in and Luka, crying with laughter protested, "You are , you are tickling me", his father replied, "You know what? That's just Nonsense"

You are truly next to God as Prateik says.. Will keep looking forward to you always..

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