Sunday, July 18, 2010

The voice in my head...

As I wake up in the morning..
the voice in my head gives me a warning..
how long will you on cribbing..
Till you finally find what do you want to do for a living...

The voice is my head is my all weather companion..
It makes me laugh till the point of exhaustion..
and makes me cry on my life as if I am peeling an onion..

As I try to decipher the enigma of Mona Lisa's smile..
the voice in my head says painter or artist for a while..
As I admire the resplendent moves of a a contemporary hip hopper..
the voice in my head echoes 'I too am a disco dancer'..
As I take an ambulatory stroll..
the voice in my head gives me another phone call..
See those pigeons flying in full vigour..
Just get your camera to capture them in full splendour..
As I shed copious tears while watching Up in the Air..
the old monster in my head screams hmm..the director's chair...

Confused, ambitious, perplexed, helpless, frustrated, hope hopen it makes me..
As I see an author, philosopher, or a tarot card reader...
if only the voice in my head could wake up the voice in my heart from its deep slumber..

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  1. Well, atleast you know there is no part of you wanting you to be analyst :D


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