Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Of Solving the Equation of Life..

If X+Y+Z=0, then X^3 + Y^3 + Z^3 = 3(XYZ).. can we substitute our life into these formulae?

Then Schrodinger's wave equation would have tough competition to be called as the one of the complex equations in Physics as Life's Perpetual Complexity Equation would give it a run for its money..Life's Perpetual Complexity equation has this special qualtiy that the number of variables in the equation is also variable depending upon each individaul, such as date, time, period, people around you, mangal, budh, shani, shukra, rahu, ketu, and the list goes on..

One day I will get the Nobel Prize for solving the Life's Perpetual Complexity Equation.. Then I will laugh at Einstein who got Nobel for Photoelectric effect!!!! rather than the theory of relativity..heehaw! I must start preparing my speech for it as Phoebe and Rachel do..Phoebe says "Oh!! It's just so unexpected..I uh..oh boy, I tell you it is just such an honour to be nominated for a Nobel Prize and you know to win for a massage"

I love you Phoebe!

Thanks to Aastha for being the inspiration behind this post!

Noor-e-khuda, tu kahan chupa hai hume yeh na humse nazre chura....

Dialogues of the day:
1. Abey luti hui Sultanat ke pite hue sultan
2. Wha re lallu, kya sochi door ki, shakal hai langoor ki, lekin chaht kisi hoor ki

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  1. are most welcome buddy..:)
    Vaise, I do hope that you are able to solve Life's Perpetual Complexity Equation as soon as possible, because then along with saying, "Zindagi sawaal hai." you will also say,"Aur mere paas uska solution hai."..:)


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