Thursday, April 15, 2010

Of Small Instances

There are these small small incidents that keep happening that bring a smile to our faces but I tend to forget those..and to remember those I turn to my blog..
So what happened?
Yesterday, H who has become a very good friend of mine (I consider him as a good friend, uska pata nahi :) )
Now he had some work and was sitting in a conference room which is clearly visible from my seat.. I saw that he was making some call.. and then after 5 minutes, I get this call from him on my extension.. he says " yaar tujhe nahi lagta I (a girl in office) bahut hot hai.. mujhe koi bol toh raha tha lekin aaj main dhyan se dekh raha hun.. she is actually quite hot.. kuch chakkar chalana padega..."
I could not stop laughing when he said this.. he specially called me to say this...
He is totally like Joey.. but not at all dumb..very very smart he is..
I am still smiling.. :D


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