Saturday, April 3, 2010

Elixir :(

Long time.. Life has been really busy.. working continuously for 2 weeks because of so much work and the fact that I am an even slower worker.. last weekend also went like this :'(
I was sad at times.. don't know what something is definitely amiss in life.. searching for something that elixir which could remove this feeling of incompleteness..
And life works in strange ways - as I have written previously also that whenever I am thinking about something, I see that thing everywhere..
Like I was reading this book The Pregnant King in which this king accidentally drinks a magical potion and becomes pregnant, now what does he do? Is he a man or a woman, this whole conflict of who we really are.. There was this particular character of Yaksha who was the man who lent his manhood to Shikhandi so that Shikhandi could prove that he was a man, Yaksha was a woman for the time he had no 'manhood'.. ultimately, he becomes a man again but there was this restlessness in him that crept up.. he had experience of both of a man and a woman, but there was this inexplicable urge to do experience something new, to question life...
Yuvanashva, the pregnant king, experiencing the same feeling of who we really are, what are our primary purpose in life, is it the soul or the flesh that is more important..
Now since this was happening on the book, the movie I saw The Great Indian Butterfly was about a couple who are looking for this butterfly in the Cardiguez's valley that will bring them happiness, prosperity, and luck.. they finally find the valley but the thing they learnt was that it is all in the state of mind, as they said "peace comes knocking on your door, and you tell him to go away".. we are too worried about the future and forgetting the present in which we are..
And on the same lines Grey's Anatomy :'( Izzie and George are most likely dead.. Nooo.. loved them both because I am a little like George in real life .. shy, reserved, don't open up easily... seeing him die was like a part of me die.. and Izzie..she is too good..please come back.. the season finale in which Meredith says " We spend our whole life worrying about the future, planning about the future, trying to predict our future, as if figuring it out will somehow cushion the blow but the future is always changing. But one thing for certain is that when it finally reveals it self, it is never the way we imagine it to be" So true..especially for someone like me who is always worried about the future.. Meredith and Derek decide to get married because they do not know what will happen ahead, so try to make most of the present.. like what happened to Izzie.. and in the season finale after Callie cuts a man's healthy leg so that he could join the Army and another cancer patient is almost dead, Bailey shows her the joy on the face of a young boy who just had a successful operation and was happy.. that scene *amazing*.. it makes me cry every time I watch such a sissy I am :'(
3 different things- the book, the movie, the TV show.. all talking on the same lines.. it is strange.. ain't it.. may be someone is trying to give me a message that I should do the same but what do I do..I can't help it..
Anyway, I had my first office party, and I liked it.. will write more about it.. I have started reading The Shadow Lines by Amitav Ghosh, don't know when will I finish that.. such a slow reader I have become :(
Movies..nothing much.. loved LSD, haven't seen many the last two months.. hope The Japanese Wife is good..but no other movie as of now I am really crazy about.. maybe Kites but still it hasn't given me that thunderbolt.. and no Houseful..bakvaas.. don't like Akshay.. waiting for Saat Khoon Maaf but it will come out next year.. so boring.. till then will catch up with classics.. More in another posts... hopefully I will try to write more...

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