Thursday, April 29, 2010


Going to Nainital and Sattal for Office Outbound training.. Will be going somewhere outside Delhi after 6 1/2 years.. last I went on a school trip to Dalhousie in Class 12..I don't like to go outside Delhi.. I am such a contradictory person.. I want to travel to exotic places but when it actually comes to travelling I am the first person to back out.. don't like to leave my Delhi.. How will I survive without reading HT??? And that a Sunday one!!!! Twitter? that makes me feel connected to the outside world..but now it would be like completely cut off from reality.. mera man nahi hai jaane ka... and I have this terrible cold with my nose leaking (and I don't even have a handkerchief, so using my shirt sleeves and hands to wipe it off :D) as I write this from office...Hmmm Housefull releasing tomorrow..but main nahin dekhu.. I don't like Akshay..huh but I love the film's songs.. Like the Apni to jaise taise and Oh girl you're mine!!!!!!!!! But I don't even like Deepika so mujhe koi enthu nahi hai dekhne ka..
Not even Kites looks exciting..
But the 2 I am eagerly waiting for are Raavan and Rajneeti!!!!!!!
Anyway have started to read Franz Kafka's The Trial..
I don't want to go but have to :(
Miss you..


  1. You will love it :)
    and btw.. don try twitter and gtalk on ur phne.. :D

  2. oye....Deepika ke baare mei kuch mat bol....
    i'll kill u ...sachhi.... :-x

  3. Main to bolunga... Plastic Doll hai bas voh :D acting nahi aati..

  4. dare u say it again...go n watch love aajkal n KCK....shes simply awesome....i just luv her...
    don worry..tujhe bhi achhi lagne ur time... :P

  5. FYI I hated her in Love Aaj Kal.. and KCK she was just ok..the only thing she knows is to look good but she can't act!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. actually, tujhe thoda kam dikhta hia...don try to find konkana sen in deepika...
    n btw, she knows how to act...shes toooooo cuteeeee.......
    ab usji bitching band kar...
    end of discussion...ok dude... :)


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