Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Being sad makes me happy!!!!

Sachin.. by God, he's God!!
When Sachin made 200, there was this whole excitement, cheerfulness, shouting, screaming.. every one in Office was clearly on cloud nine!! When I came to know, I don't know what happpened, but many a tear rolled down from the eyes, of course, I didn't show it to anyone others would think me to be a cry baby, which actually I am :(
I don't know what happened but behind the tremendous happiness and the proud that I felt, I just kept thinking how could anybody be so so good, the amazing grace with which Sachin has conducted himself always puts him as a wonderful human being...
My friend R who sits opposite to me said "I have been waiting for this day since eternity, it was his dream that somebody from India could break this record?"
At that moment, it just hit me like it always does :
Dream? people have dreams!! How tiny a thought maybe, but it was his dream to see this.. but then it kept me thinking, what is my dream? I don't know what my dream is? Isn't it such a terrible thought? A person without dreams is like a human without soul :( I want to do everything in life but what is that one thing, that one thought on whose completion I could feel yes, my dream is achieved? I kept thinking of it the whole time after that.. and when I came back, NDTV Indian of the year was coming, every time for the last 5-6 years it has been coming, I cry every time on watching it, seeing the achievers is just overwhelming..
Of late, I have become a very emotional person which I wasn't before but lately, don't know what happens, I almost cry at the drop of hat!! maybe the dreamless me, finds this as an outlet...
And of Grey's Anatomy, I have seen 4 episodes of season 5 and it makes me really sad :( but there is something about it I just love that show :(
I also saw Up In The Air, another sad movie...
Maybe I am watching too much of sad things, but I just love sad shows, don't know why..comedy never appealed to me.. I am always like this, being sad makes me happy ( what an oxymoron I have invented, I should write a depressing book now!!)
Meanwhile, I had written about MNIK..will post it soon..

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