Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life Iz Hard!!

Hmmm long time no see! Happy New Year! Life has been real real busy! This past week there was loads and loads of work to do!! Not even time to think much!! I didn't blog but was pretty active on twitter! I love twitter!! I had a 4 day weekend from 31 December to 3 January!! But time just flew by. I didn't feel like that I had a 4 day weekend. But then I am always like this 'ye dil mange more' holidays types! So what did I do? I watched 3 Idiots, the film everyone is going gaga about it, so did I like it? Hell yeah! I liked it a lot but did I love it 'crazy types' ?? Hell no! I have seen better, but as I always say it is each individual's liking, so its fine by me that people are calling it the best film they have ever seen. Perhaps it was the hype that made me expect too much.I have always admired the kind of cinema Aamir Khan does (except Ghajini of course!) but what I don't like is the lecturebaazi that he always gives us.Rang De Basanti, TZP, and 3 idiots.He thinks that he is the only person doing good things around, or as Sagarika Ghose put it "the system is always wrong in his films" but apart from that, he is and will be one of our finest actors ever!! But the one person who I truly loved in the film was Madhavan (and Omi 'Chatur' too).. never have I cried so much in any scene when Farhan (Madhavan) convinces his dad that he wants to become a wildlife photographer!! Amazing amazing scene!

Enough about the idiots, so let me start about Ishqiya!! I just can't wait for that film... that Phurr song Ibn-E-Batuta is making waves and Dil to bachha hai ji is so so good! Vishal Bharadwaj and Gulzar teaming after Omkara are seriously a cracker of a combination!

I had gone to college also for a reunion, felt so nostalgic (and so cold while commuting!!) but truly speaking except 5 people, from others I did not get positive vibes but theek hai, as if I have to meet those people again!! I had to go somewhere really urgent so I came back early!

And and I got invited by NDTV to participate as an audience in We The People!! I got a call, and this lady she asked my views on the Ruchika case, the Jessica Lall case, the trial by media, etc. etc. and then she told "Would you like to come on We The People shooting on Saturday from 7-8?" I was thrilled but I am real real busy, I have my level 2 Spanish exam today in the evening, I can't miss that but I told her that I would love to join the next time!! In fact, for any of you people (who read this blog), if you want to go, you can mail her at to participate!! I will go someday, previously I was asked to join Hum Log on NDTV India but again I had declined!! Actually, what had happened that I keep sending these SMS' on the questions they ask, so they got the number from there!! No Rocket science!!

Talking about Rockets, I had seen Rocket Singh as I said in my last post, I had said that I would write a post on it on why I loved it.. yes, the film bombed but it got huge critical acclaim and proves yet again that Ranbir Kapoor is one of the finest actors of this generation! I saw some shades of Ayn Rand's controversial book The Fountainhead where she talks about her philosophy of objectivism!! Though I am not sure how she would have reacted to the film, Ranbir's character had some qualities of Howard Roark, as the man who should be, his boss Nitin looked like Gail Wynand, who compromises his ideals to survive, as the book said the man who could have been, and the head of the company ACS (I forgot his real as well as his character name) was like Ellsworth Toohey, the demagogue, the man who couldn't be and knew that who couldn't be, and all the other employees were like Peter Keating, the man who couldn't be and did not know that couldn't be!! I maybe reading too much in the characters, but it is films like these that make me think or remind of some other things, that do not treat audiences as a duffer, that I absolutely love!

Hmm, we also had this thing called Secret Santa in office in which one person has to give a gift to someone else without revealing your name. So the person who I had to give (we had to pick chits) was a friend of mine from college only!! I gave him Freakonomics without knowing that he had wanted to buy it, so at least I think he liked it :-) I told him later that I was your Secret Santa. In return, I got a pen but don't know who gave it...

Hmmm, I love to use this word hmmmmm..

Talking of books, I am still on Weight Loss by Upamanyu Cahtterjee for the last 2 months, I hardly get time to read ( a euphemism for wasting time on twitter) but somehow, I read 5-6 pages daily, so hopefully I will not lose my reading habit :( the only good thing I have :( But whatever happens, even if it is 1 in the night, I do read the whole newspaper, and blogs of people I am following...

Y has gone to Indore so I don't have anyone to crib to :D after all I am the perennial cribber!!

And also, laptop booked will come in 15 days, so happy.. now I can watch movies sitting cosy :)
I want to see Sherlock Holmes, maybe I will go tomorrow but I don't know whether I would have time or not!! So busy on weekends!!

OK!! Enough for now!! Will be back as soon as possible, or as they ASAP ( I don't like ASAP, in fact I don't like to use SMS lingo while speaking!!)

Hmmm, that song from Ishqiya Chidiya.... Phurrrrr is ringing in my head!!

Buhbye (with a fake accent)!!

P.S.- Priyanka Chopra is looking super stylish in Pyaar Impossible but the movie is a dud going by the reviews, what else could be with an actor like Uday Chopra!! But I love Piggy Chops!! Hope she does some sensible films like Kaminey!!


  1. read your blog for the first time... nice one

    so strange, there was something about every incident in the post with which i could relate.

    movies, secret santa and "hmmm"

    :) good. wil probably keep coming


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