Saturday, December 5, 2009

Paa :-)

I saw Paa today and after Wake Up Sid, this is the film that I really liked..
Paa is about Auro, a 12 year old child suffering from a rare genetic disorder called Progeria where the body ages much faster than others, a 12 year old boy could look an 80 year old man..

Auro's mother Vidya Balan eponymously called Vidya is raising him herself along with some help from her own mother as she refused to get him aborted when her college boyfriend Amol played by Abhishek Bacchhan asked her to do so as he wants to nurture his political career. Years later he becomes an MP and meets Auro at a school function without realising that Auro is his own blood. There starts the journey of Paa...

When the movie begins Jaya Bacchhan speaks all the credits and she says " Introducing Amitabh Bacchhan" Well, I thought who doesn't know Mr. B but the film rightly introduces him in his whole new avatar. What I really liked about the film that it doesn't make us to have too much sympathy for Auro and treats him like a normal child.. his friends don't mock unlike Taare Zameeen Par where Ishaan's friends used to ridicule him!

The film belongs to Auro.. it is hard to not to be charmed by Auro! Mr. B is totally unrecognizable and his tremendous persona never overshadows Auro. He calls his grandmother Bum as she has a big bum! He believes that doing Potty on the road is better than defecating in public toilets! He is so shy of girls and runs away from them..

What is being shown as father son son father relationship but what works better is mother son relationship! Vidya Balan is terrific in the role though the script doesn't give her much scope! She looks so beautiful in the film and her acting skills are as always excellent! There's this terrific scene when she gets to know of Auro's disease and tears fall from her is so natural that you can almost feel her pain! Vidya's mother played by Arundhati Naag is also really good

Yes, the film has its flaws.. the second half drags at places but it never loses the plot though! Illayaraja music is soothing, the 3 versions - Mudhi Mudhi ( great cinematography), Udhi Udhi, Gali Udhi, and Gum Sum are different from the "Pritamish" influence of today..

My Best Scenes in the film:

Childen's Visions- India Pakistan Band Aid, Obama reading Hindi, Child Labour and Auro designing a white globe devoid of any boundaries signifying a united thoughtful!

Vidya's mom supporting her to keep the child rather than abort it..any other mother would have told her to think about her future!

Auro says that he hates slow motion, perhaps in a way his body also hates slow motion!

When Vishnu (Auro's friend) talks about the similarities between him and his dad saying that his dad should say sorry tom him for giving him such funny..

When that small girl comes to meet Auro in the hospital bringing a sorry drawing in the shape of Auro's face apologising for laughing at him and saying that "galti karne valo ko galti sehne vale se zyada bura lagta hai"

Paa is different and not at all Benjamin deserves to be seen for its novel subject in these days where pathetic films earn humongous amounts... ***1/2

P.S.- Rocket Singh trailer was so cool..he says " life mark sheets se nahi, heartbeats se chalti hai".....if only..... :-(

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