Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rat Chase..

On Friday morning in Office, a very funny incident happened. A rat and that too a big brown one entered the office from the cafeteria door! And lo! what a big commotion it created! Everybody jumped from their seats to catch hold of the rat..from the office boys to the senior most manager, every one had their attention on where that cat enemy was hiding and running..Girls screamed whenever it passed through their legs and guys screamed Fuck! whenever it came near them.. Some people started making videos of rat chase so that they could send it to India TV for showing them their Breaking News "Bhagora Chooha pakda gaya"! Finally it was caught by one person who trapped it in the dustbin! For about 20 minutes, the whole office came to a standstill it was like we were all the Toms running after Jerry..but it surely was good fun! :)

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