Sunday, November 22, 2009

Narcissist Me!

I wrote the following passage for Yamini's Cluster programme and I love reading it... Narcissim you can say..
Since the days of the yore,India has been known for its splendid craftsmanship skills and exquisite designs. Be it from the diamond processing industry in Surat to the marvellous handmade sarees in Banars, Indian skills are right on top. This also being the reason that India has been an inspiration to so many fashion houses and foreign designers from Jean Paul Gautier to Giorgio Armani. The skill based industries are mainly concentrated in the rural areas where workers learn these skills from their parents at an early age as a legacy of their forefathers and their family tradition.But the grim reality is that these people do not realise the worth of their work and still remain confined to their areas earning a paltry sum for their immense hardwork. NIFT's aim has been to bring about a chnage in the social awareness of these people.For this purpose CLUSTER programme has been inculcated to make students aware about the diversity of India and to bring a change in the standard of these people. Cluster educates these people about the importance of market economics. These people have huge potential anf if brought into the mainstream industry, , it could bring scores and scores of foreign revenue benefitng the country and also themselves as these are the people who remain on the verge of poverty. The trip to Indore was agreat learning experience. The practical exposure to actual work and the thrill to work amongst people with brilliant skills was enthralling and exhilirating.

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