Sunday, November 8, 2009

First *Salary*

Got my first salary :-)

It seems a bit weird that I have got my first salary.. your first salary is always special, in fact, your 'first' anything is always worth remembrance..your first day in school, the first day in college, first day at job, first car, first bike and first salary.. since it is only 10 days that I joined, I have only got 10 day salary which is a bit less than the full month salary, but to be true full month salary is also not that much :( but its fine by is the first job and I am grateful that they are paying a dumb ass like me..

So, what are my plans for it?

I will gift something to mummy..probably a ring or something like that

Some part of it to god

Some to sister and papa

thora sa mere liye..but I don't know what to but for myself? The only things I love are books and movies, which I already have.. maybe after 2-3 months I could get an i-pod..don't like spending money on clothes, shoes, whatever because nothing looks good on me vaise bhi :) then why waste money!

It still seems a bit surreal that I have started earning..become an adult :-( nooo, I don't want to become an adult so sooon.. I still want to be the child that asked for money from mummy for a movie and got scolding to stop wasting money on watching movies, want to remain the same person who used to save money to buy Harry Potter for 1000 bucks..and now I have money and still I am craving for the past..I have always been like this.. the perennial crib who thinks that grass is always greener on the other side..

But I still have big guilt in my heart about some issue..please I hope I am able to overcome it quickly :-(

Anyway will write more posts today but small ones :-)

Bye blog!


  1. lot of congos !!
    btw save some money for our treat also or i'll screw ur ass in a gud way.. :D
    ipod.. ahem !!!
    frankly sayin im jealous dat i still have to depend on parents to get sth :( :(


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