Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life's like that only...

So, office has finally has been 10 days almost.. Cab comes around 7.35-40 and reaches Noida about how has it been for me? Till now it is absolutely fine but the problem is that I am not used to office life yet, so sitting and working whole day is a sea change for a person like me who did not do any work for the last 3-4 months except just lazing around *pure bliss* people here are really nice and friendly and I know a lot of people from college who have joined with me, so we all stay together generally..
I am a slightly reserved person and it find it very difficult to change myself..but its ok..and about the work, now there is a little less workload but sometimes I fear whether I would be able to do the work up to the expectations or not :(
But the only grouse I have is that I am not getting time for myself ..I am not able to read the book that I had stared..I can’t watch movies because I am so tired after coming that my eyes just doze off as soon as I hit the bed…I just hope that I get used to life as as soon as possible because the fact is sooner or later we have to work for life anyways..whether it happens now or 5 years later is just a matter of time.. Now I realize that life ain’t easy dear difficult it is to earn a penny.. Even to wake up in the morning is a battle..I keep counting how many days left to go in the week..
5 :’(
4 :(
2 :/
1 :)
Now waiting for my first salary :-)))))))) bye for now…hope I am able to update at the same pace…


  1. are y u always underestimate urself??? even u knw that u will be able to cope up with the assigned work...
    btw,dude life is like dat. i hope u will enjoy alot wen u will enter in a B-school wich will be a change in ur lyf after this...
    aur ha, i need party from ur first salary...feels gr8 to see u guys standing on ur feet...keep goin..atb :)

  2. Thank you ya.. :)
    Party toh I should take from you on 11 :P

  3. ha ha le lena.btw to gt the party, u ahve to be in bombay :D


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