Wednesday, October 7, 2009


For the past few days, a lot of co-incidental events have been happening. So here is what happened.

I had this book The Ground beneath her feet by Salman Rushdie, my favourite author :-). I was gifted this book by Y on my last birthday. I didn't read it then and kept in my tiny library thinking that I will read later. Now after 4-5 months, I had nothing to read and was thinking what to read next. So I finally start reading this book. And since I have been learning Spanish for the past few months,what happens is that the book is based in Mexico and has some Spanish words and phrases, which I can now make out what they mean! I had no idea that this would have some Spanish references and if I had read this book earlier I would have some problem in appreciating the wonderful language that Mr. Rushdie uses. What a co-incidence! It could have been any other language and I could have read it before but as they say right place at the right moment!

I love Grey's Anatomy and in one episode, Dr. Miranda Bailey talks about seeing the bigger picture. She says she is missing something and wants to see the whole picture. She finally understands whta she is mssing when she comes out of the surgery thatshe is performing and then sees through the window what she missed.And at that very night, in the book that I have been reading, I read this terrific line, " The only people who can see the complete picture are those who are out of the picture" . Almost the real life imitation of the line!!!!

Recently, I was planning to go to my school for some work after almost 4 1/2 years. And on the day I was thinking, I see my Physics ma'am Mrs. Nopani pass by in front of my eyes near my house! while I was going to some shop to get something!! I mean, never did I see her before for the last 5 years and the day I was thinking about school, I see her! and when I had gone to watch Wake Up Sid! I see another teacher of mine. Mrs. Kanda!!

I mean these are tiny incidents ( not even incidents to be true) but isn't it strange that when you least expect something to happen, it happens before you can even expect! Although, this is not mysterious like the story 'Face on the Wall' which we read in Class 12 but still these co-incidents always continue to surprise me :-)


  1. face on wall.... plz plzzzz... i wanna know more abt it.. how can i forget it...!!!

    i loveeeee your blog!!!!!

    am even waiting for wake up sid!!


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