Friday, August 14, 2009

Yeh Delhi hai mere yaar...

I had gone to Chandni Chowk a few days back for a friends's treat as he was going to France.. For the first time, I saw Delhi-6..I have been to Chandni chowk area before but never saw anything.. but this time I saw everything..

Paranthe Vali gali.. we had all types of Paratha..nimbu, tamatar, aloo, paneer, badaam and rabri paratha too!!

Roaming in the streets of Old Delhi has its own charm.. the chaos of the traffic, the overhead wires, the people sitting on the sideway taking a rupee to check your wieght, those machines where you insert a coin and a card comes out showing your weight along with an actor whose matches with you,the drops of water falling on your head from the AC in the cramped buliding, the funny shop salesman calling everyone, the cattle enjoying a good time... Delhi-6 is Delhi-6!!

We wanted to get a photograph with a cow, so 3 of us went and stood next to a white cow who we wished would oblige us but it seemed she wasn't in a good mood..while we were standing, she brought her poonch from behind like some wire and tried to whip was sooooo funny and everyone there started laughing but it was fun..I am putting some pictures here :)

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