Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reincarnation is as necessary for the living as for the dead...

. I did not go to NDTV studio, not because I did not want to go, but they apparently called to confirm but somehow I couldn't pick up the phone, so chance gone but mujhe karna hi kya tha vahan.. just sit quietly...

. It is really a long time since I wrote whats-happening-in-my-life post, a euphemism for my-life-sucks-and-I-am-a-perennial-cribber..

. Things are not going smooth..I see negative vibes around me, I know the reason for that but what could I do :( I am like that only..stupid, slow and dumb..The circumstances made even more pathetic by certain situations arising every other day..I hope things get really really is important :(

. I have become so lazy and feel tired even though I do not do much..I am always sleepy..

. I am loving my Spanish classes..the only thing I enjoy these days.. Estos diaz yo estoy triste y todos estan felizes..Quiero la felicidad de mi vida..

. I finally watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.. I felt so bad when Dumbledore died.. I knew of course that he is going to die I had read the book but it was really really sad.. the movie is only for Potter fans and only Potter fans will like it..the sequence for the Horcrux in the cave is good.. I am really excited to watch the next The Deathly Hallows which is going to come out in 2 parts..of course everyone has read the book but it is a great feeling to see it on screen.. My favourite caracter out of the three is Hermione..she is what I always wanted to smart, knows everything, reads a lot..I had wanted to be like her..but life had some other plans : Luna Lovegood is very likeable...she reminds me of Phoebe.. So, just as a reminder for myself,the scene where Draco Malfoy attacks Dumbledore and he loses his wand..this will be crucial as Draco Malfoy has inadvertently become the master of the elder wand!!

. I want to see Love Aaj has got a mixed response..but somehow it is not pushing me to watch the film..the one movie I am eagerly waiting for is Kaminey..Vishal Bharadwaj!!! only this name is sufficient to drag me to the cinema hall.. also eagerly waiting for Whats your Rashee and kind of for Dil Bole Hadippa :)

. I finished reading Marrying Anita by Anita is a good book leaning more towards chiclit but what I liked was the real picture of India..the cities rapidly growing but the villages still far behind..Reincarnation is as necessary for the living as for the dead..the last line of the treu :)

. Planned to get a new book..either English, August by Upamanyu Chatterjee or The Lost Flamingoes of Bombay by Siddharth Dhanvant Shangvi.. finally bought English, August.

. I watched a whole lot of movies using Bigflix.. the list of which can be seen as a gadget on the blog..such great movies..Persepolis was an amazing movie and many many others too..I have been trying to get Forrest Gump and Jaane bhi do yaaron but they don't have them now :

. Last week, I met an aunty..she knew who I was, what I was doing,etc. etc. but I didn't know who she was..just talked to her without asking her who was she.. and I met a school friend while going to the market..he stopped his car and talked to me,etc. etc. and then when we were about to leave..he asked me my name!!! So aunty who I don't know knows everything about me and a friend in school doesn't even remember my name!! but why blame him! people are so busy and I was not a very popular person in school and am still not=)

. Enough for now, will write more later ;)

P.S.- I have started to really really like smileys..In my cell, I had graphic smileys but these keyboard smileys are so much better..changed them in my iamginative of the person who thought of these!!


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