Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Manhoof Kaminey...

Yesterday I saw Kaminey and what a film!! Vishal Bharadwaj proves yet again that he is such a brilliant film maker..From Maqbool to Omkara to The Blue Umbrella and giving us some terrific music like Phoonk De (No Smoking) to Maachis.. he has always stood out and has a huge respect among the film lovers.. Kaminey is about two twins Guddu and Charlie..the first one stammers while the second one lisps..ek hakla doosra totla.. this unique idea itself is so brilliant in itself..what follows is the story of these two twins in the dark world of drugs, crime, politics, corruption, money, betting.. Kaminey has been rightly called the best film of the year.. there were some terrific sequences like where Guddu says to Bhope about his dad saying that they are like sugar which will get mixed up in the society.. or the the fight between the twins at their old house and the sharp humorous climax..also, Sweety just like Paro of DevD was a very liberated character ,confident of her sexuality who is not afraid to have sex.. the dirty dirty world of money and politics was shown at its best where Power is Power.. Shahid was brilliant as both Guddu and Charlie and this film should catapult him to the A league of stars..Priyanka is excellent.. Amol Gupte who plays Bhope (of Taare Zameen Par fame) is a terrific actor..all the other cast was first rate.. references to Tarantino style of cinema were quite visible..initially we are not shown what exactly is happening but the audience is made to figure out themselves and then it gets clear as to what is happening.. like the scene where Charlie steals the car of the Narcotics Department..the dialogues which were also by Vishal are fantastic.. Music is very good..I really like Fataak, Pehli Baar and Kaminey.. Vishal also keeps on playing songs of R D Burman during the film and Mayank Shekhar has called him the true successor to RD Burman..the penchant for details is so remarkable..like when Sweety tells Guddu she is pregnant, Guddu goes and sits on the toilet seat..the door on which is written Mera Haath jagannath and outside some random phone numbers and typical graffiti!! Kaminey is dark, gritty, humorous, unpredictable and splendid.. it is not to be missed.. Watch it..


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