Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Curious Cases of Liking Films...

Ever since Kaminey has released to excellent reviews by the critics, there is some sort of backlash, if I may use the word, over its supposed greatness and it being called the best film of the year. Some people have loved the film and some have trashed the film. But this post is not about I-liked-Kaminey and you-did-not-like-Kaminey but it is about liking films in general. Has it ever occurrred to you that the whole world is singing praises about a film and you absolutely detest that film but since everyone is liking it, you force yourselves to like it. This of course carries the risk of you being called a shameless hypocrite who doesn't has the guts to say freely about your own likings but since you don't want to be an outcast who doesn't understand cinema, you tend to go with the flow. This has happened to me, to be frank, quite a lot of times. Cases in point that it has happened to me: Slumdog Millionaire ( great cinema but Curious Case was so much better), Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Lage Raho Munnabhai. I found these films just average types. I have seen the faces of my friends when I told them that I did not like these films trulyand can still see their ghastly faces.And there are some films that you absolutely loved but the kind of box office reception they have got, being some of the flops, makes me wonder at times about my sensibilites. Cases in point: Saawariya ( I agree it was very slow but I don't know, I loved it ), Aaja Nachle, Black, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. And there are some films that make you wonder why the hell did it earn so much money? Cases in point: Om Shanti Om, Ghajini, Singh is King. And there are some trashy films that I am ashamed I enjoyed them like Race. And also, there are some films, that I do not understand at all at first watching. When I read the reviews and understand the films it makes me absolutely love that films. Like No Smoking. I did not understand at all that was happenning for those 2 hours but then thanks to IMDB, I read a terrific explanation of some of the scenes of the movie and it made me realise the absolute depth and brilliance of the film. Or something like Lost In Translation, Revolutionary Road,or Ankur normal films at first but once you read the reviews, you understand the umpteen layers these films have. I so wish these films had an explanation like a running documentary by the director what he/she had in mind while executing that particular scene. I just wish I could understand these kind of films without reading the reviewsinstead I wish i could write good review but :( :(
And of course, there are some films that you like which are liked universally ;)

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