Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Somethings Never Change...

It makes me really sad at what all is happening to us.. I don't know..I am angry..very angry and we cannot do anything about is hopeless..

You saw the Mumbai rains? The Congress NCP government there has virtually destroyed Mumbai..Mumbai is the city that pays the highest amount of taxes to the whole country...Don't the people there deserve a normal rains for 3-4 hours and the whole machinery collapses..What is the BMC doing there? So shocking! is utter shamelessness on the part of the civic authorities..

The criminal justice system is in shambles as we know..the Jessical Lal murder, Nitsh Katara, Priyadarshini Matoo and so many more and now comes another example of the gross travesty of justice...Prof. Sabharwal's murderers were let go by the court on lack of evidence..the court criticised the prosecution for its handling of the case...the ABVP activists were caught live on camera threatening Prof. Sabharwal and still no evidence?..well, what did we expect when the BJP state govt. wants to protect its right wing organization, Himanshu Sabharwal really had a tough path from the is indeed sad..Hope the SC does something good for the family and bring the perpetrators to book..

And another headache (as said by Madeline Albright) Pakistan...its continuous state of flip flops on 26/ has gone back to its old ways...wanting Kashmir to be solved, bringing up Samjhauta Express blast issue, its statement that it has no evidence against Hafeez Sayeed despite the humongous evidence it has collected against him..Pakistan would never let us live in peace..there is this documentary on youtube by BBC which shows how important Pakistan played a role in 26/11 does not realise that their own people are suffering so much due to its terror infrastructure..but it continues to use them against India..I expect nothing out of the talks at the NAM summit in Egypt.. Somethings never change and Pakistan is one of them..

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  1. hmm.. somethings never change.. so true..!!
    nice post..!


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