Thursday, July 9, 2009

Of Craze, Nagesh, New York and Khuda ke Liye...

First and foremost, I saw Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor last week in person and that too from very near. I am not a big fan of either of them but you know as soon as I saw them I went mad and joined the crowd who started screaming. For the first time I have seen a film star :D They both look very young and they looked just like us :D Clearly, for the first time I got a hands on experience that how mad we are about Hindi film stars..they are treated like God although they are just like us..I was so happy to even see them.. I had gone to watch New York at Select City Walk and when the movie finished, I saw this huge crowd outside and Kambhakt Ishq songs being played in full volume and lo! Akshay and Kareena standing right in front of my eyes :D

I guess this has been a lucky I saw Nagesh Kukunoor at IHC and there, no one was able to recognise him..he was sitting on stairs and people were just passing by him as if no one knew who he was.I wanted to go and talk to tell that Dor is one of the finest Indian films that have ever been inspiring is different were Hyderabad Blues and eagerly I am waiting for Aasheyein ( I would not have said a word about the last two disasters Bombay to Bangkok and Tasveer 8x10 )...would have liked to to click a photograph with him but I did not :( he would of thought me to be a lunatic..koi nahi next time I will go if there is a next time :/
And it is really a long time and I haven't posted any movie review..I watched New York and liked it a lot.. probably one of the few good films of the year until now.. not to forget Luck by Chance, DevD, Gulaal being others.. for the first time I liked Katrina Kaif..she can act is not a superb performance but way better than her earlier bimbo roles..John needn't show his body and butt anymor,e his acting would suffice for now..and Neil is good too but talking of superb performances the one person who is in a league of greatest actors such as Al Pacino ever as said by Mayank Shekhar of NDTV is Irrfan Khan. He is a genius.. a terrific actor.. it is his film all the way...New York takes a middle path and asks serious questions that we as a nation are still struggling to find answers to although the story is based on the aftermath of 9/11... how do we prevent terror and protect human rights at the same time? how do we deal with Qasab who killed hundreds in cold blood and how do we deal with police torture that thousands of people in our country go is a complex issue and no one has clear answers but one thing is for sure terror has no place in society... the film deals with these questions and had some great dialogues..A Muslim man heading a FBI investigation team to prevent terror strikes by another Muslim..this is only possible in USA.. the film is a sensitive and meaningful one.. it has its flaws like where were Sam and Maya'a parents all along? but these are minor flaws that could be overlooked..though some of the torture scenes gave me a sense of deja vu ala Khuda Kay Liye which also had similar issue but the films are thing that I still remember from Khuda Kay Liye was the end where Mary goes back to Afghanistan to teach girls in spite of the horrific living conditions for women there..that was a symbol of hope that things can change if you change..anyway watch New York again instead of terrible movies with even more terrible story lines ( you know what I would say :D )

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