Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Memories *Sweet* Memories..

About a few days back, I heard a joke. There is a professor in a college and all the boys question him one day, " Sir, why do you give more marks to girls than to boys?" And the professor replies. " Arey! jo tumhe pasand hai vo mujhe bhi to pasand hai!! ". We all know how male teachers are so so biased towards girls. From school to college every male teacher I have come across is partial to girls. If a boy come late in class, "kahan reh gaye the? jahanse aa ho vahi vapas chale jao" but if a girl come late, " kahan reh gayi thi? Koi baat nahi agli baar time se aa jana". Girls on the other hand always say that female teachers are prejudiced against them. However, I disagree. Female teachers are generally not partial with the exception of only a few. But this post is not about the prejudiced attitude of our teachers.

I was thinking about the joke and all of a sudden I remembered this incident that happened to me in Class 10. Mrs. Swapna Bannerjee was our geography teacher and she had taught us Social Studies for 4 years! I was one of her favourite students * :D :D * So what happened we had our first term exams and the geography section was for 20 marks. I distinctly remember that I had left a 5 mark question and attempted the paper of about 15 marks. After the exam finished, the normal discussion took place ( which I absolutely hate now) and I told one of my friends C that I left the last question. He had this grudge against me that I get marks on the basis of impression so secretly he was happy that he will score more than me. So what happened was that the exam papers were checked and shown to us. I don't expect any marks...jitne ayenge theek hai but I knew it would be less than my roll number comes and mam said 19.5.. highest in the class....OMG you should have seen the look on C's face..I couldn't believe it myself and then C was like " tu to bol raha tha ki tune to last question 5 marks ka kiya hi nahi, phir kaaise aa gaye tere 19.5? jhooth bahut bolta hai tu" I then showed him my paper and showed him that mam had given me marks on a single question twice as they were on two different pages...I couldn't secretly stop laughing and then C goes to another person B and he cribs so much about me which later B told me " samajtha kya hai apne aap ko...kuch likhta vihkta hai nahi..pata nahi phir bhi kaise highest aa gaye @#$%^& ".. How is it my fault? Then he wished that I should go to mam and tell the truth but I didn't. There was a huge difference in our marks in other subjects, so 4 marks weren't making any difference to the overall picture and WTF it was just a term exam not the Boards in which marks are given like bhagwan ka I didn't tell mam the truth and told others about it...even as I am writing this now,I can't stop smiling..the look on C's face was super funny :D :D Bada aya! Bhaag yahan se!

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  1. i really cant stop laughing on "samajtha kya hai apne aap ko...kuch likhta vihkta hai nahi..pata nahi phir bhi kaise highest aa gaye @#$%^& " n can even imagine exprssions on ur innocent face with lots of grin in the heart.
    btw i want to tell u dat we have a male teacher who is jus opposite of normal male teachers as u mentioned. actually he gives more marks to boys than gals n even give less marks to a boy whose name sounds like that of a gal. he asks ques. only to boys in the class n dat2 by touching them....
    well, really funny post !!!


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