Saturday, April 18, 2009

Comedy of Errors...

Hasn't TV become so boring and frustrating? I have stopped watching it, there are simply no good shows.

I seriously miss the good old days when watching TV was an addiction :) The one show that instantly comes to my mind is Dekh Bhai Dekh. Remember it? It was one hell of a show. The characters on the show were a riot. Who can forget the naughty chachu Sameer (Shekhar Suman), his wanna be writer but confused wife Chachi (Bhavna Balsaver), the Ae-ji-oj-suniye-ji Suhasini (Fardia Jalal), the forgetful Balraj (Navin Nischal), the sophistictaed Mummyji (Sushma Seth), the funny kids Sanju, Kirti, Vishal and Abha, the playful Daddyji, the kamchor Kareema (Deven Bhojani), the suspecting Shilpa , Sanju's girlfriend,(Urvashi Dholakia, who went on to become TV's famous vamp), the nangu-phangoo Dingoo and Divya Seth saying 'hi with a rotation of hands'. I still remember some hilarious situations. The tere muh me keede, tere muh me dhool was the show's product. Also, Sameer used to always slip down the stairs where as everyone else came down smoothly.It was super funny :D There was another episode in which he hypnotises everyone. Sanju, tu Sanju nahi, kirti Hai :D :D The London episodes where they all go to London for a marraige were really nice too. The stars from the show became very popular. Amar Upadhyaya went on to play Mihir in that Ekta Kapoor saop KSBKBT. The show was produced by Amitabh Bacchan's AB Corp. It was a great show :)

Another superb comedy was Shrimaan Shrimati. Remember that one? Koki, Keshav, Dil, Doll, Gokhale or Chintoo..Does it ring a bell? Even more funny was the pre-recorded laughter in these TV shows which was funny in its own way :P

Among the recent ones, Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai was too good. The weird Rosesh, the downmarket Monisha, the high class Maya played by Ratna Pathak Shah. It had some terrific one liners. The show reunited Ratna Pathak Shah and Satish Shah after their hit show Filmi Chakkar.

Instant Khichdi was another superfunny show. The character of Hansa played with aplomb by Supriya Pathak was an actor's delight.

The West has had a huge number of successful sitcoms. FRIENDS(my favourite :D), Seinfeld, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I Dream of Jeanie, That 70s show, Bewitched. We have had very few of them. We should start making more of great shows.
I think along with the actors, the dialogue and script writers also need to be acknowledged. A character is a writer's vision and moreover, to write sponatneous witty jokes or goofy situations ain't easy. A writer should be equally honored as making some one laugh is not a simple job. Waiting for some good shows.
P.S.- Heard someone is making a copy of FRIENDS. Won't work. Being original sells :)


  1. Co-incidently, even I loved all the above-mentioned shows. one more could be possibly- "Baa , bahoo, baby" . Bravo, very truely and interestingly remembered! I just like ur all reviews on cinemas and shows. keep writing. :)

  2. Being a TV addict myself i would love to add a few

    Zabaan Sambhal Ke
    Waagle ki Duniya

    With the onset of cable television the audiences got divided and very few shows have been able capture the attention of whole india like these did

  3. @Shivi
    Haven't seen much of Baa.. though I feel Gattu overacts :/ I may be wrong though, haven't seen much of it.

    Thanks for reminding me of Zabaan Sambhal ke....It completely slipped out of my mind...I loved Tanaaz Currim's character and that Chaprasi's character :D

  4. oh i miss it all too.
    tv is simply boring.
    serials are super boring..:/ nothing funny happening. all same marital affairs or love stories.!!

  5. @Pinks
    Seriously! watching TV shows is not even a good timepass.Terrible!

  6. they'd made a copy of friends on zee tv a long time ago called 'hello friends' starring cyrus broacha, nikhil chinappa, helen brodie, rakhi tandon etc., but it never went beyond 2 episodes


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