Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chemistry's mysteries....

It is ironical that I am writing this post when my college is almost over about my school friend who I haven't met for the last six years. She is Tanzeel though Mrs. Swapna Bannerjee called her Taaanzillll :D Our roll numbers were together from Class 6-Class 8, until our class 9 teacher rearranged our class names alphabetically :/

When the exams were going on, she used to sit behind me and we used to chit chat a lot. She used to keep on passing comments and I used to reply back. We cheated sometimes, though it was always I who used to show her my answers :D People used to say that we both had almost similar handwriting though hers was better:) One day in Class 10, we got our Chemistry papers back and she got 3/17 :P So, she gave me her paper to keep it with me, lest someone sees it. Luckily, I still have that paper with me and while I was going through my old stuff, I found it and I was so happy to see it. It made me remember those days that we all were together. We don't talk much these days but still we wish each other on birthdays, send stupid sms,etc. We haven't met since ages but still we will always be friends. I haven't met my other good friends Kalo and Pinks too but we still haven't lost contact. Miss those days...


  1. "though it was always I who used to show her my answers :D "
    thr was no need fr u to even write this..!!
    nice post..diff frm wat u usly write..
    make tanzeel read this nw.. :)

  2. Yeah I want to but she isn't online much :/

  3. awwwwww
    so nice of you. I miss school so much. I also have kimi's report card 12th ki.lol
    and yes we will meet for sure ..very soon.

  4. panks, really gr8!!!
    never knew that u were also a chatter box in ur school days....:P



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