Friday, March 27, 2009

A Glass Half Full.....

In spite of me being an eternal pessimist :( I am writing this post about death though I am not having suicidal tendencies. Jade Goody died this week and her last wish was that her death be celebrated. It made me think about my own death. We all hear people planning about future and how they want their life to be, but neither of us think how our death should be. The past few weeks I have been hearing such traumatic incidents about how people have lost their lives. Aman Kachroo died of injuries, Soumya Vishwanathan and Jigisha were shot at, Jade Goody died of cancer, the tragic death of all the members of the family on the Dwarka-Palam flyover, or the countless accidents on the Gurgaon expressway. I shudder to think of how painful it would have been. I am not scared of death, it is a fact of life that it would come to an end and we all will die, I am more scared of how I die. I don't want to die in painful way. I wish I get a painless death which I hope is not an oxymoron. I just hope death comes in sleep and takes me to heaven or hell wherever I deserve to be, though I am pretty sure I would be sent to hell ;) I don't want to be alive till 80 or 90. I hope to live my life till 60 ( hard to imagine myself as a 60 year old!!). I hope my dying doesn't make people sad. Even I think, my death should be celebrated. I reiterate that I am not having suicidal tendencies, its just that we should embrace that life would come to an end. Wish me luck for the life in hell:)

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  1. u wil go to hell then whr wil i go..
    stupid insaan..!!

    n yah..its hard to imagine u as a 60 yr old..:P...


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