Friday, March 6, 2009

#%*&%!@- Can't think of a title for this

It is a week since I wrote last. A lot of things have been happening and I thought to write them.So it is going to be a boring post, give it a skip because most of it is going to be a crib post.

1. All my friends have so much good happening in their lives (touch wood!) and am so happy for them. S got through Microsoft, A got in Bain, S got in DE Shaw, S has got calls from IIMA and MDI, R has got a call from MDI, L got calls from all IIMs-BLACKI, V got through UCLA, K is in Dartmouth, Y's friend is going to Germany, S friend got through Stanford (gasp!!). And when I look at my life, it seems to be going nowhere. It makes me feel like that I did not achieve anything. I want to go to Oxford or Harvard, but deep inside your heart you know what is made for you :(

2.My project going nowhere I have been reading up so much stuff but it seems directionless, made more difficult by events not under my control :(

3. I missed a golden chance of being a jury member of a film festival. I thought who would make me a member from the college, when there is so much intellectual pool available. I somehow missed the event where they had to screen some films for jury selection and lo! what do I find, only 15-17 people attended it. I could have become a jury member of a film festival!!! I have just three things in my life- books, films and news. Lost opportunity :(

4. My pathetic writing skills, I have come across such amazing bloggers who write so brilliantly that the saying "Chullu bhar paani me doob mar" just suits me. I wish I could write well. I want to write a sexy book some day, not Chetan Bhagat types but something different like The Last Song of Dusk or The Lost Flamingos of Bombay by Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi ( who as rediff tells us wants to study Sex!!, er..who doesn't? )But somehow I would never be able to write:(

5. And there is this Gender Analyzer test that identifies your gender by your blog tells that I am 61% woman, WTF! I am fascinated by each human's individuality like unique fingerprints, DNA, or for that matter unique keystrokes( the way you press your keyboard keys is different for each of us), unique gait or unique handwriting, unique ways of braking your vehicle, but identifying a gender by blog posts!! See the pic :(

7. I won a diary from Vogue. My fashion designer cousin Y reads Vogue, I was flipping through the magazine and what I found a sms competition to name the next cover girl of Vogue and at that very instant, NDTV was showing a report that Freida Pinto is the next cover girl and what next, sent a sms and after a week got a courier giving me the gift, kuch to mila I take part in so many of these competitions thinking I will win. Last year, I got coupons worth Rs.1000 from Roadies and Nach Baliye voting. I bought 3 books-Freakonomics, Jane Eyre and The Ground Beneath Her Feet and watched Taare Zameen Par at Select City Walk ;)

8. I am currently reading Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy. For the last six years I have been wanting to read this but kept postponing because its huge ( 1400 pages, small print and big page size), but this time I brought it and will read it, and I am liking it abhi tak, read 100 pages till now:)
Well, enough for now though I still have so much to crib about :(
I will now stop this crap.


  1. that Fashion designer cousin of yours....gosh!!!!!!! :D

  2. We think is written by a woman (73%).

    haah!! Funny test thou!!
    and dont worry opportunities keep coming! ;) What film festival was it? In college?

  3. ya, it was a film festival by an organization called Chinh, they choose jury only from students of various colleges..

  4. yes that fashion designer cousin of urs...gosh!!

    u mad..!
    i really wish someday i cud become like u..
    u r simply the best..!
    trust me,,

  5. and moreover that gender wala test gave 40% wrong results...huh..

  6. I know, its a stupid ridiculous thing :P


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