Friday, February 20, 2009

Dev D

Dev D!

Hail Anurag Kashyap! One of the most radical films of the Hindi film industry. It was so different, it is almost hard to believe that this is an Indian film. As the name suggests, its a contemporary view on the Sarat Chandra Chatterjee's tragic hero Devdas.

This was one film where the response of the critics has been so varied. Sample this-

Taran Adarsh *
Rajeev Masand**
Anupama Chopra**1/2
Khaled Mohammad****
Raja Sen****
Nikhat Kazmi*****
Well, my rating?
Pankaj Sachdeva :P ****

Since the movie was so different, I would not write the usual bland review of mine.

Abhay Deol(Dev) *****

Mahi Gill (Paro), excellent*****

Kalki Koechlin(Chanda)***

Music by Amit Trivedi *****, brilliant. Just listen Pardesi, Emotional Atyachaar, Dhol Yaara Dhol, Nayan Tarse!
Cinematography by Rajeev Rai ***** especially the Delhi shots in neon lights.

Screenplay ***

Editing**, second half drags at places and it could have been more crisp, the only thing that acted as a spoiler.


The dialogues are blunt, too straight forward (which some people may find offensive), into your face, the language is the common language which the youth of today would understand.Sample- " आप ने अभी तक उसकी ली नही ?"

There were references to Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas like Chanda watching Maar Daala song and a poster of Shah Rukh as Devdas was shown near the place where Chunni takes Dev.People say that Kashyap is mocking at Bhansali's Devdas. Well, I don't know, maybe it might be his intention but I believe that a film is a director's vision and his interpretation of the subject , Bhansali might believe in grandeur and spectacle while Kashyap has its own contemporary take on the subject. Like Bhansali made Chanda and Paro dance together!!! and Kashyap makes Chunni a pimp!!

Since the last few years, many bold films like Murder have been coming which is nothing but a euphemism for the explicit sexual content in them but Dev D has no sex scenes rather it is the sexual undercurrents that are so bold and completely new. Like Paro's openness about her sexual desires, she takes a gadda to the fields riding on a bicycle! This is the new woman. Lenny having a boyfriend much older than her age while still in school!

Good films are those that treat audiences as sensible people so that the viewers can discern the director's idea and those films which give attention to the minutest detail. Like there was this scene in which Chunni asks Dev 'कोई बीमारी तो नही है?', obviously making references to HIV, but not giving a lecture on it. Or another one like Chanda and Paro meeting for the first time on a train just for a fleeting second, as it happens in original Devdas.At the risk of sounding a pervert, I would point another scene. In the bus, when Dev is sitting with Rasika, the camera focuses on the ladies seat where महिलाये is written, the म is scratched off.

The song Pardesi, beautifully picturised on the Twilight Brothers though I could not understand their significance in some scenes.Music is another star of the film, the songs take the story forward. I read someone's blog he had beautifully explained the entire film as a musical. His blog link is .

I loved the scene, where Dev puts his face in water and the camera captures this and he stares at us and the water pool starts becoming red.And the scene, where Dev sitting in a bath tub and says that he has never seen Paro.When Chanda says, half the country saw the clip and they call me a slut. It is actually very true and the DPS MMS scandal and BMW cases nicely woven in the script.

I mean how could anyone think so differently.Its a great effort. It is truly the coming of age of the Indian cinema.The film surprises and shocks. Watch it for its sheer audacity.Eagerly waiting for Kashyap's next Gulaal.

P.S.- Could you tell me the books Chanda was reading? I could only see one clearly called Contempt, there were two more, want to know their names!


  1. Very hat-ke review.. rating each and every aspect..

    Like you I am too much hooked to Pardesi and Nayan Tarse..

    Amazing movie. I am done watching it 4 times and tomorrow I will watch it for the 5th and final time.

  2. oh yaa..i really need to watch it again..
    hw can u pay attention to such minor details?
    nice review tho..

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  4. I played the movie and searched for these names :D

    Laurence Block - The Girl with the Long Green Heart
    Contempt - Alberto Moravia

    Couldn't find the third.


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