Saturday, February 7, 2009

Children Of God: Nick Vujicic

Today, I saw this picture of Nick Vujicic in HT and I was shocked. I then googled about him and reading about him made me so disturbed.He is limbless, has missing both arms at shoulder level, and having one small foot with two toes protruding from his left thigh. But still, he lives his life better than most of us.Nick is a hero, he is a great great man. I mean can you imagine what kind of difficulties he would face every day, in fact every single moment, to do even the smallest of things. We all crib about our own messy life and keep complaining all the time about our lack of perfect bodies and what not. But after seeing and reading about Nick, I just thank God for giving so many things in life. Nick earlier in his life contemplated committing suicide but after he came to know of people suffering with disabilities, realised that the he is not the only one who struggles.He then went to complete College and graduated in Accounts and Financial Planning. He has started an organisation called LIFE WITHOUT LIMBS for specially-abled people and gives motivational speeches to people. We all have read about Helen Keller and her story "They see with their Fingertips". She had said that you realise the value of sight when you are blind. And most of us, do take our senses for granted. I again thank God for making us whatever he has made. I pray to God to give strength to people like Nick who face difficulties every second of their life. Children of God.


  1. really touching..
    i think this was the answer to what i ws thinking today..
    thnks fr this post..

  2. even I read the piece of news in HT. really moving!

  3. Seriously, v keep fretting abt smthin or da oder and admire stupid heroes...He is the real man to be admired!
    Keep quoting such things..


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