Monday, February 2, 2009

Boys Do Cry :(

Did you see Australian Open 2009 yesterday? The tennis was a treat to watch but Roger Federer lost to Rafael Nadal again after their first meeting in a Slam final since the Wimbledon's epic classic last year. Roger was in tears and he brokedown after the match. He couldn't even speak a few words. Nadal has cost him 3 Grand Slams making that 14th Grand Slam for Federer to reach Pete Sampras' record so elusive. Though Roger cries even when he wins,but the sight of his head down and crying was so overwhelming.Even hardcore Nadal fans would have been moved at that moment.When Roger cried, the world cried with him, even I did :(
As reporter Eleanor Preston rightly puts it, “He cried, and it was hard not to cry with him. The sight of Roger Federer’s lower lip trembling would have been enough to start most soft-hearted observers off, but by the time his tears started flowing, a far proportion of the 15,000 at Rod Laver Arena and the millions watching around the world were probably reaching for the tissues too. If that had not done the trick, then the sight of Rafael Nadal, his conqueror, putting his arm around him in friendly consolation, would have set off a worldwide outbreak of sniffles. Australia, perhaps more than any other nation on earth, values mateship, and you will not better embodiment of that than the sight of one great champion comforting another.”
There are very few people whom I genuinely idolise and Federer is one of them, though I cannot even hold a racquet properly. Federer is the greatest player of all time. Federer has given evrything to tennis.Well, as for Nadal, he is a machine, he just gets better and better everytime he plays. Nadal stands in his path.

As Roger Federer puts his defeat in his own words, “You can’t go through your whole life as a tennis player taking every victory that’s out there. You’ve got to live with those, you know. But they hurt even more so if you’re that close, like at Wimbledon or like here at the Australian Open. So that’s what’s tough about it.In the first moment you’re disappointed, you’re shocked, you’re sad, you know, then all of a sudden it overwhelms you.The problem is you can’t go in the locker room and just take it easy and take a cold shower. You can’t. You know, you’re stuck out there. It’s the worst feeling. It’s rough.”

Nadal said,"Rog, sorry for today,I really know how you feel right now. Remember that you are a great champion and you are one of the best in history and you will beat Pete Sampras’ 14 titles for sure.”
Awwww :(
Come on Federer, Great champions don't cry. Just get Rafa out of your mind. Your fans are with you. All the best.


  1. I was supporting Rafa but Federer crying made me sad too
    Federer winning all the time was getting a bit boring. With Rafa and Murray coming good these days it has become more competitive. Personally i'm waiting for Sania or Somdev to do something substantial in singles

  2. Ya,somehow we all knew Rafa was going to win, and even the French is going to him this year, no chance at clay for Roger. Yeah, even Yuki Bhambhri :)

  3. Rafa for me always.. Fed is history. But I do feel sorry for him.. I wish and hope he somehow surpasses Pete, somehow.. as long as he is not against Rafa I will support him.


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