Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, I am back. Its ages since I wrote here. Was too busy the last month :( So much has happened in the last month that I wanted to write but couldn't spare much time. So I will randomly write what has been happening.

OBAMA is the President of the USA. It was a historic moment. By choosing a black man as their President, America proves why it is the greatest democracy in the world. His speech after winning is one of the best speeches I have ever heard and specially the line where he said 'We are the not just a collection of red states and blue states but we are the United States of America'. It makes me wonder whether we can have our very own Obama. No, I am not talking about Mayawati! I always believed that America is a deeply deeply racist society and the 'Bradley' effect would come into play and thought John McCain would win but it was the economy that brought down McCain otherwise Obama's margin of victory would not be that big. Lets hope the world becomes a less bellicose place.

26/11 made us all really really scared. The sight of watching a live war on TV with gunshots and live encounters made us aware how insecure we are. More than angry, I feel sad. Innocent lives were lost and we could do nothing. Any noise just makes me scared. We cant sleep at night. A fear psychosis has crept on our minds.What will happen to two year old Mosche? Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar, Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Sabina Sehgal Saikia, the Jewish Rabbi and his wife Rizka and hundreds and hundreds of other people were massacred by those bloody terrorists. The shocking response of India's polity made all of us shameful. Whether it was the Congress, the BJP, the Left how could politicians behave like this. The Kerala CM's remarks that 'not even a dog would look at Sandeep's place', R.R. Patil saying 'Bade shehero me aise chote hadse hote rehte hain' ( Mr. Patil I seriously wish you were in the Parliament on 13 Dec and then we could say the same thing back to you!), Modi's shameless opportunism by announcing an award of a crore rupees for Hemant Karkare who till the other day he accused of acting under his 'Congress' bosses, Naqvi's lipstick remark, Vilasrao's terror tour with Ram Gopal Verma, the senseless Narayan Rane shocked us all and we wonder what are they made of.
And the media. There has been criticism of media while covering the ghastly attacks. But they were only doing their job and all of them did fine. By blocking news channels, rumour mongering would take place and that would even be more dangerous. Information is required. But smses like stop paying taxes, bomb Pakistan, etc, are ill conceived measures. If we stop paying taxes, who will pay the NSG who have done a brilliant job. We have to realise that India and Pakistan are nuclear armed states. Any error in judgement could wipe off Delhi or Karachi in seconds. The best solution is to use America to pressurise the Pakistan Army and maintain peace and strengthen the civilian government in Pakistan. Hope these attacks are a wake up call for our society.
The Assembly elections took place in Delhi.I voted for the Congress though I am no Congress fan but I perceive it to be the lesser evil among the current breed of politicians. I am anti-BJP . There is no alternative except the Congress, though a no-vote would be a better choice.
CAT exam went by. Mine was bad. I did well in Quant and English but screwed DI totally. No chance at all and am not even hoping against hope for a call. Looks I will have to wait many years more. Sob Sob :(
I read 'The White Tiger' by Aravind Adiga which won the Booker this year. It is about the 'suffering' India or people form the 'Darkness' and how there is a huge disconnect between the rich and the poor in India.It is not a great book though and 'Sea of Poppies' by Amitav Ghosh would have been a better choice. And now I am reading 'Q & A' by Vikas Swarup, the book on which the movie 'Slumdog Millionaire' is based, which is making waves in the West now.
Would try to post reagularly from now:)

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