Sunday, February 7, 2016

I have written on Queen many times before, but there is something about the film that is so amazing. I can watch it any number of times. Rani's journey is exhilarating and cathartic. There is so much to learn from Rani's story. At an earlier point, when Vijay refused to marry her, Rani's dadi tells her that to not lose hope. Kaun kahan mil jata hai kisko kya pata, bas apni zindagi jee aaram se bilkul, jo milna hota hai na zindagi me, vo mil ke rehta hai, use koi nahi rok sakta; jo hua accha hi hua. Initially, Rani is depressed and angry at the circumstances that shake her innocent life. In a state of drunken stupor, Rani narrates the story of a certain Gupta Uncle. She says, "Mera haal na Gupta Uncle ke jaisa ho gaya hai. Gupta Uncle ko na cancer ho gaya hai, unhone kabhi sharab nahi pi, cigarette nahi pi, phir bhi cancer ho gaya. Isse accha to pi lete. Apni mummy daddy ki har baat maani hai maine, teachers ki har baat maani hai maine, kabhi exam me cheating nahi ki, kabhi jhooth nahi bola, tu jiska naam lo uski har baat mani hai maine." I felt that the underlying message of both these statements is the same. There should be no expectation of award for following our own choices. Likewise, there is no point in being desolate at something that is not under our control. 

Somehow, I was reminded of Geet and Aditya in Jab We Met. At one point, Geet says to Aditya, "Tum to life mein bahut serious the Aditya. Kya fayda hua? Bahut bade problem to tum bhi pahns gaye na. Agey kya hone wala hain iss par kisi ka control toh hai nahi toh aise mein main wahi karti hoon jo mera dil kehta hai. Kal ko main kisi ko blame nahi karna chahti ki tumhari wajah se meri life kharab ho gayi. Meri life jo bhi hogi mujhe pata hoga ke mere wajah se aise hai toh I’ll be happy. Mujhe to lagta hai ki insaan jo kuch bhi real mein chahta hai na, actual mein, usko life mein vohi milta hai.” It is a beautiful thinking, which is why Geet stole our hearts. I don't necessarily agree with the last part that we get everything we want, but I take it in the sense that we need to take actions to get what we want. At this point, last year, I was in a miserable state and almost on the verge of a breakdown. I have worked with all kinds of people in my very limited work experience, and I think I have a high amount of patience, but never I felt I was under a state of horrifying terror like last year at this point. I think I survived that time by watching movies, and it might seem childish, but it was kind of therapeutic. Queen was one movie that I watched again, and again. Rani's story is motivating that eventually everything happens for a reason. She has no anger towards Vijay in the end, rather she thanks him for bringing a sea change in her life. So, thank you, Rani, and Geet, for the motivation in life. If only, we all could learn from you all. 

Dialogue of the Day:
"Jo chhoti si har ek neher, saagar ban bhi jaaye,
Koi tinka le ke haath me dhoondh lenge hum,
Kinaare. Kinaare. Kinare.
Khud hi To hain hum. Kinaare."

Even if every small canal turns into a sea,
We’ll take a straw in our hands and find the shores.
We ourselves are. Shores.


  1. This got to be the most beautiful post of yours. So much positivity, dil khush kardiya Dost. InshaAllah things will fall into places. We shall always find the shore. Ameen!

  2. My two favorite movies of all time. I always watch Queen or Jab We Met when I'm feeling down to remind myself that regardless of the circumstances, I have agency over my life and aage kya hota hai, yeh sirf mujhpe depend karta hai. Main khush hoon ya dukhi, yeh sirf mujhpe depend karta hai. Beautifully written :)

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