Sunday, September 27, 2015

Of Humans of New York

I love Humans of New York. I can read the stories of people all the time. Everyone is carrying so much pain in their hearts, but living their life with grace and dignity. The story of ordinary people like us is so inspirational. Sometimes, I feel like that the person is telling my story. I have wondered what if someday I run into Brandon Stanton, then, what will I say? I have been thinking a lot, and the answer I thought used to vary based on the mood I was in on that particular time. I don't why I felt like writing it today, given that I do not write personal posts any more. Brandon always says what advice you would like to give to a group of people. I would give advice not to any person but to my younger self of about eight-ten years ago. 

First advice that I will say is a little clich├ęd but if I can, I want to tell my younger self to not be afraid. Of your choices, of your opinions, of taking risks, even if it means standing all alone in the crowd. Sooner or later, things will work out, so, try to chart your own path. I wish I had the courage to follow my heart ten years ago. I was afraid then, but now ten years later, when I look back, I laugh at my own silliness, and have a sense of regret. The feeling of regret is far more worse than failure. Express your opinions with confidence. And, don't believe people who tell you money is not important in life. 

Second advice that I will say is make few friends, but make them for life. In every phase of life, you will meet people, make friends, but not all of them are going to remain friends with you for life. It is no body's fault but eventually distance will come when your college will end, when you will move to a different workplace, when you will move to a different city, when your friend will get married. So, be careful in what you share with them so that later you don't regret if you should have actually shared that. I lost three friends in the last three weeks, and I am feeling very bad about it. 

Lastly, I will tell that in this world, we are responsible for our happiness. No one is going to come and give you a gift of happiness. So, do whatever that makes you feel happy, even if it means watching movies all alone in the theater, going every Saturday to your favorite beach and playing with the waves, making the silliest of Dubsmash videos on Instagram, and learning to make a new dish for dinner. Remember, a little alcohol always helps :)

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  1. I can soo relate to this. This is really motivating.. Thanks for sharing your fundas of life with us.We would love to read more such posts in the future.. :)


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