Sunday, February 22, 2015

Will Be Back Soon

Still working on the draft. Will be back soon with reviews of Aankhon Dekhi, PK, and Roy. Follow me on Twitter where I keep posting some random trivia on films.


  1. Hey I remember you being a greys fan. Dunno if you're still into it but if you are, could we have an analysis of Cristina/Owen's relationship? I had an epiphany while rewatching the episodes so I'd really want to know what you think and share my own thoughts?

    I loved the way you've microscopically looked at Ramleela and JWM as tthey're my two favourite films!

  2. Hi Dish,
    I still watch the show, though I love Meredith and Derek more than Cristina and Owen :) Not sure I can write about them, like writing more on Hindi cinema but thank you for thinking that :) Will think

  3. We miss you!!

    Waiting for your next post..

  4. Ankho dekhi, wheres ankho dekhi? Where is the review? Please post the link and also write about dum laga k haisha.


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