Monday, May 19, 2014

Turning 30-3 and Narcissism

27 today. Seriously. 30 is just three years away. My level of maturity is like 17. Don't know a thing. How to talk, how to behave. And, Siddharth sent this message on M's request :) I was so surprised. Yes, as I told everyone on my timeline is telling me to read The Goldfinger by Donna Tartt. 

Yes, it was commencement on Friday too. So, birthday and graduation came together. Feeling like Michelle McNally. So so powerful is the speech. And everything is going to change soon. Feeling that sinking feeling if things will go fine or not. And everybody has left. Just came after meeting X. That weird feeling that will I be able to survive? I don't know.

I have not written what all has happened in the last few months. The decision was a conscious one. Will write soon about the drama in these last two-three months. Or may be not.

And there have been so many good things people said on Highway and The Lunchbox on Facebook and Twitter :)


And the post on Saawariya has crossed 1000 views becoming the most read review after Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Someone on Tumblr posted the link, and it became viral. Internet is a great leveler, no? So, I am not the only one who loved Saawariya, there are so many people who liked it :)

I know a bit narcissistic and self-aggrandizing post but I was so happy that people could connect with what I was trying to say. Thank you everyone :) It gives me inspiration and motivatation to write and improve myself. It is my wish that people understand that there are more to our movies and we have to watch films from our heart. I also realized that I really, really like to write and read on films than watch films itself. I think this is what I want to do my entire life and I have finally found my calling. Anyway, I have started writing on few other movies as well. Soon. 

Dialogue of the Day:
I realized I had reached a point in my life where nobody in the world understood me. I was truly alone and it did not matter anymore.
— Naina, Turning 30

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