Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Of Geet's Philosophy on Life...

आदित्य: सब कुछ जो इंसान चाहता है, वो मिलता कहाँ है यार?
गीत: क्यों? मुझे तो लगता है की इंसान जो कुछ भी real में चाहता है ना, actual में उसको life में वोही मिलता है...

आदित्य: गीत, तुम बहुत बड़े problem में फँस सकती हो. Do you realize that? सिर्फ हंसी, खेल तमाशा नहीं होती यार life. Life में serious होना होता है. 
गीत: तुम तो life में बहुत serious थे आदित्य. क्या फायदा हुआ? बहुत बड़े problem में तो तुम भी फँस गए ना?
आगे क्या होने वाला है, उसपर किसी का control तो है नहीं. तो ऐसे में मैं वोही करती हूँ, जो मेरा दिल कहता है. कल को मैं किसी और को blame नहीं करना चाहती की जी तुम्हारी वजह से मेरी life खराब हो गयी. मेरी life जो भी होगी, मुझे पता होगा की मेरी वजह से ऐसी है. तो I’ll be happy. 

Things will just turn out fine. P, you have to accept somethings. Somethings are not made for you. Try to be happy. Don't worry.

Here's another fascinating insight on the movie. At one point, Aditya says: "Ek time that music se bada passion nahin tha meri life mein."

Geet's name means 'song', and eventually she becomes the music of his life. Hindi films are far more intelligent than they are given credit for!

Also, I found the complete script of Jab We Met. Reading a film script is a different experience. You can find the script at this link. Worth keeping and especially of a film like Jab We Met.


  1. Its uncanny how much similarity there is between you and me! Those very lines were something I used to live by until I had to choose differently.

    You like the very same movies that I do too! You know what - I think right now a song is going to sound in the background and you are going to be that long lost BHAI from yrs ago or maybe reincarnated!...ROFL....Filmy naa??...:))

    Lovely post as always and thanks for that link!

  2. U know, I have made the dialogue, "baad me kisi ko blame ni karna chahti..." as my life's guide...duno how correctly this will help me...

  3. @Tinkerbell :) Hehe :)
    @Sumit It will help you..after all it is our life..


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