Sunday, September 25, 2011

Of Talent-less Me...

Ok.. my sabbatical ends tomorrow.. I am feeling so so depressed..ab phir se itni lambi chhuti nahi is 25 days since office and still I don't feel like going to office..koi zindagi bhar muft ki roti kyun nahi de sakta :{

I had planned to do N number of things during these holidays but about N/2 have been done..Somewhat better than my target of N/4 =)

I really wanted to do certain things though, however, by the turn of events they could not be done.. I seriously hope ho jaye vo..

Mummy also doesn't keep well these days :(

Every third day I had a cold in these holidays, mujhe itna nahi hota tha pehle but  ab to bahut frequently hone kag gaya hai..very irritating it is..huh!

I don't know ya..pata nahi phir se I am feeling that restlessness..hehe..lagta hai kuch hone vala hai..

Anyway, India's Got Talent aata hai na, usme yesterday Sonali said to a participant, "You are just brilliant! I feel so tiny in front of you. And I feel jealous ki mere me aisa talent kyun nahi hai."  I always feel the same when I see talented people all around me! I feel so hollow in front of them. Mere paas to kuch bhi talent nahi hai. Some people are brilliant photographers, painters, artists, singers, writers, technocrats, dancers, actors, sportsmen, geeks, know-it-all, designers..I feel like so shallow.. I know I know..these things can be one is born with these..only with time these things come..but jab ab tak kuch nahi cultivate kiya aage bhi kya hoga! I seriously feel so jealous (My maths teacher had once said, never be jealous, be zealous!) The only talent I have is a) to appreciate someone else's talent b) to perennially crib that my life sucks (which  does suck BTW)

I don't know..I feel very talent-less as a person which is a shame! 

And I had gone to college..I saw this super car made by people..It is so cool..maine to college me bhi kuch ni kiya aisa.. Maine socha tha I will do this..I will do that.. but sirf soch hi reh gayi..

Anyways, theek hai..mediocre log hamesha mediocre hi rehte hain :-{

Will write more later..

P.S.- I read this amazing chapter on Shah Rukh..will write more about it!


  1. Well, let me just remind you of the areas where you excel - 1) You have exceptionally brilliant writing skills (indicator: Your blog and the number of followers) 2) Your political, literature and movie GK is simply awesome 3) Correctly pointed out by you, "THE Ability to appreciate someone" Let me just tell you third one is the rarest of all...people can appreciate themselves but you really need to have a pure heart to appreciate someone know there is this saying, "Apni Akal and Dusron ke Paise hamesha zayada lagte hai" :-P

  2. I completely agree with Sumit. Also, I would like to add to her list of your talents: 4) Your ability to listen to other's problems and empathize with them. 5) You have this great power to connect with any book you read and any movie you watch. So you are able to observe and interpret such minute things and details in them (btw. I have to confess that I envy you for this talent of yours). 6) You can make people laugh a lot with your unconventional humour (I can vouch for that). There are many more, but i'll tell you those in person :)

  3. I dont know you at all! Never even seen you. Just chanced upon your blog and have been reading it religiously everyday..:)

    But i completely agree with the two above - Sumit & Aastha.....:)

    You seriously need to cut yourself some slack and not sell yourself so short. You have so many talents. If a complete unknown like me sitting in another part of the world can see it I am sure those close to you can see it too...:)

  4. Stop criticizing yourself.. As the trio above have so rightfully pointed out you have a truckload of great talents and should cut yourself some slack.. There is enough shit around us to make us lose our mind - your ability to find something special in little things - be it a raindrop, a 2-second dialogue in an otherwise nondescript movie, finding something to burst into laughter in a mundane conversation - with are talents people would die for.. DSLR le, bahar ja aur photo kheech - its been pouring non-stop in Delhi and you havent clicked one damn picture...
    Thodi masti kar - ye naukri ka rona gaana toh zindagi bhar chalega :P

  5. @Sumit, Aastha, Tinkerbell and Jaspreet Thanks so much.. You people are so kind but the purpose of this post was not to flatter myself but raising a very pertinent question..As Sumit said, I think one is never satisfied with one's own always wish to have more.. I seriously wish I had some more talents :[

  6. PS> I have also been told that being able to fell love for someone is also a talent not everyone is bestowed - and you have that :) There is a batch mate of mine, bless him, who will never feel that way..


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