Saturday, September 24, 2011

Of Mausam :(

Finally I saw a movie after nearly three months!! Mausam..

I had high hopes from the film but I am somewhat disappointed :{ The first half is splendid..the Punjab part is gorgeous! The detailing is done to such an extent that in one scene during the night, there is a dog roaming in the streets! Or in another one in Gulzari's tanga, it is written "Main bharke chali jaungi tu dekhte rahiyo." The hand knit sweaters, Rooh-hafza bottles, the yellow mustard fields..the awesome song Rabba..Sonam looking ravishing as ever without makeup! Shahid- the charming Punjabi munda..there after the film just goes down and down and down..I don't feel like writing why I didn't like. I am disappointed. But mind you, there are some superbly crafted moments.. I wish there were more of these! Could have been so so better! 

Some things I liked -
Rabba current favourite! what picturisation..

Even more beautiful was the picturisation of the song Zara Si Mendi Laga Do, in which Ayat and Harry write notes to each other while Pammo sleeps..Super super idea! Loved it totally!

The name Ayat (meaning a couplet!)

Sonam..she is just so pretty ya..she should not put make up! stunning she looks in the entire film, however, this is the first film which I thought she was not able to act :( I have loved her in all films even though people have just hated her! I loved her in I Hate Luv Storys..even Aisha but this film I found her acting to be somewhat mediocre..maybe the script was at fault..there were no good lines given to her..she just had to look pretty and helpless through out which she does! Don't worry film.. I will always be your fan...there is something charming and old school about Sonam..better than other plastic bimbettes!

The binocular sequences..something really different!

There were few dialogues I liked- 

At one point, an air force officer asks Harry that it is seven years and he still loved Ayat..he says "the fire is still there" and Harry replies, "the sun only sets, it never dies." Infact, this was the entire premise of the film. And I totally agree with it. You cannot stop loving anybody, only some one else might take his/her place but you just cannot stop loving anybody.

I think Rajjo's character totally epitomizes this..Even after getting married and having a kid, she says to Harry "tu kahe to aaj bhi tere saath is chalti train se kud jaun." But she did what she felt was right..I would have given Ayat's letter to Harry if I was in her place.. I felt really sad for her :[

There is this another dialogue which Shahid says, "Mujhe koi bhi aisa nasha pasand nahin jo waqt ke saath utar jaaye. I love life."

Finally, the film is completely Shahid's..he is there in almost every scene..he dances brilliantly..he was terrific as the Punjabi guy but too stiff as the Air Force pilot but still he invests  his heart in the film..

Rest all film is time watch maybe.. I am disappointed :( Sob next awaited movie Rockstar..zilch hopes from Ra.One!


  1. I saw 'The Notebook' today and so can easily relate Allie's love for Noah despite presence of Lon in her life,with these lines, "You cannot stop loving anybody, only some one else might take his/her place but you just cannot stop loving anybody."

  2. The line about love simply scared me.. I dont know Pankaj but reading a blogpost of yours hits me in the heart, every time :(/... That said, it's kind of logical - I mean your liking for somebody will not transform into hatred once you find someone "more" special.. Hoping, against hope I might add :P , its all merely filmi baatein..

  3. @Sumit very true!! Though I haven't seen The Notebook..
    @Jaspreet haan ya..of course, it won't turn into hatred after all a special person will always be special..haan filmi baatein to hain yeh sab..Shakespeare ne bhi to yahi kaha hai hum sab rangmanch ki katputliyan hai..aur bhai hum sab filmi log hain..haina :P


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