Sunday, August 21, 2011

Of A Brilliant Passage and Parichay!

"The essence of life is not cause and effect. It is perversity. There is no telling the consequence of one's actions. As you sow, so shall you reap has a neat ring to it but you are making a grievous mistake if you put your faith in that kind of cheap sentiment. There are no just deserts. The wages of sin are not necessarily hell and the path of goodness is often lined with treachery for the world is predicated upon the principle of randomness." - Maharaj Kumar, Cuckold

It is so funny! yesterday only, I was talking about my actions in my earlier post about selfishness, and just now I read this absolutely brilliant passage from Cuckold! This is what J sent me a mail today, "analysing every deed you do is not really going to help you." Cosmic connections! ;) This is what A had commented, "human beings are good creatures.. 10 out of 100 will con you, that doesn't mean you don't trust them all." Isn't it very similar to what the above passage says that the world is working on randomness? Great minds thinks alike I guess :-)

And, I am simply fascinated by the trailers of this new Sameer Soni show Parichay on Colors. There is this beautiful line that his brother says in one of the trailers, "hum ek kamyab insaan me yeh kyun nahi dekhte ki vo ek accha insaan bhi hai yaa nahi..kaamyabi kya sirf naam kamane se hoti hai?." Very true! I want to watch this show but I have stopped watching TV altogether these days! Will try to catch up on Saturday jab poore hafte ke saath me aa jate hai!

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