Saturday, May 21, 2011

Of 24th Birthday!

I am 24 :( It sucks to be 24! and while discussing this with Jenny in cab, I told her that I do not like to celebrate birthdays. Firstly, because I don't like to be center of attention for anything. And secondly, I do not like myself as a person. And I had thought life would be some what different (perhaps better than what I have now) at 24, but the flaws in my personality are stopping me to reach that place both personally and professionally. And birthdays are a reminder that life is not turning out to be as I had planned. I am not proud of myself, what is there to celebrate.. and talking about birthdays, every second is a is a gift that we are alive.. we could be dead in a we should celebrate birthdays every day no?

But I was so touched by the gifts I got. I have never received so many gifts on my birthday. Thanks all..especially Jaspreet (who made this beautiful collage for me) and Aastha for organizing everything..and special thanks to Jenny, Arpita and Shivangi :) And when Jaspreet made this collage, I somewhat felt bad because I have never taken so much pain and effort for doing something like this for him and others :( I felt I didn't deserve this..

And this is the farewell note he had written for me and I haven't thanked him yet for this :(
Thanks for everything ya :)

This is the note...

Removed out of privacy concerns :)


  1. @ Pankaj - Pics in between
    Jaspreet's note are not visible...upload them again

    Secondly, I think Jaspreet's note should have been kept in both of you avoid limelight in personal matters....

    And don't say like this you haven't reached your planned position at 24 :( (I am also turning 23 in a couple of days and have not achieved what I planned to do so)

  2. "every second is a is a gift that we are alive.." I truly believe in this... ... :)


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