Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Of Trolls, Christina, Break Ke Baad and 7 Khoon Maaf..

Hmmm.. my Internet was not working for two days, so wasn't able to put a post that I wanted to write and now I have forgot on what I wanted to write about..
Anyway, I got the worst feeling today..someone in an email to me said "Stop trolling around" and "ruffling feathers of people".. total crap.. I felt terrible.. I know I have been screamed at before a lot..but seriously a troll?? it is the worst insult as a person if one is considered a troll.. please am not a stalker..

Anyhow, Grey's Anatomy :( I have seen 7 episodes of Season 7 and I love love that show.. Christina please start behaving like your normal self..please come back.. I miss the bitchy passionate Christina who always had the fire in her.. always ready to be the best cardio-thoracic surgeon.. Even Burke did not do this to you..please come please back..and please don't blame Meredith for what all happened.. Isn't she your soul mate? And Callie and Arizona broke up..I am sad for Callie :( And please Mark stop sleeping with everyone of Shepherd's wife and sisters..Lexie is the best girl in the world you can ever get..
I also saw Break Ke Baad and Do Dooni Chaar ( which deserves a proper post!!).. Break Ke Baad is one of those movies you can sleep walk.. it is not bad.. it is not very good either..perhaps I missed the emotional connect with the movie..but yes, it was different.. a girl instead of a guy who is wary of commitment..such a beautiful place they have shot.. and I loved that scene when Aaliya says "Maybe I am not meant for love".. it reminded me of myself as I also feel that I am not meant for love and incapable of being loved.. and I also liked it when Aaliya's mom says "you are not special that people love you, you are special because people love you despite what you are".. I still believe that I Hate Luv Storys was one of the best love stories that I saw last year..

Meanwhile, my current favourite song is Darling from 7 Khoon Maaf.. I just love the line "public mein sansani ek baar karne do" :) Just 3 more days..Bhai yeh picture ka intezaar main What's Your Rashee jab release hui thi tab se kar raha hun..Phew 1.5 years!! Hope it is not like What's Your Rashee?!

On a personal note, I have been even more disturbed for some issues but I try to show that all is fine..I am caught between two things..I try not to think of it and let fate decide what is in store but how much will I procrastinate..Will write more about it later..

 It's raining outside.. February Rain.. the rain gods obliging the lovers.. I love the pitter patter of rain drops..
Tata.. catch you later..

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