Sunday, February 27, 2011

Of General Post About Life and Grey's...

Every Sunday night, I try to take out some time to think of how of the week went by and how the coming week is going to be..and if am in mood, write a blog post of what comes out of the day dreaming..
Anyways, the past week at office was somewhat bad..I got a somewhat not so good feedback for a project.. and frankly, I didn't feel bad at all because I know my mistakes, I know I am not so good a worker but what I felt bad was that it made me think I am somehow not fit for the corporate culture.. if somebody else was at my place, he would have at least went and asked for clarifications as to were the lacunae that were there.. but I didn't feel like..I don't like to question things that people think of me..If they don't like me I cannot change their opinion..I have been repeatedly told by every one in office that I need to come out of my shell and stop being such a pushover..but I can't change myself so easily..Is it that easy to let go of your self? I kept on thinking that I am not suited for this life ahead..Will I be able to survive? All I wish for is a life near the sea shore with me having not to work at all.. and if I was creative, I could at least think of doing something else but alas! am not one of them..
And I am not talking to my sister who fought with me on who-will-remind-dad-to-call-the-guy-to-repair-the-computer.. it's been 3 days..theek hai..yeh sab to chalta rehta hai.. khud itna sadti hai aur mujhe bolti hai ki main sadu hun...huh!
I was at home during the weekend..saw no movie...wanted to see Tanu Weds Manu but couldn't find anyone to go with..if it was a good movie, I could have gone alone but it's a fun ligh watch and it would be creepy to go alone for this kind of film no? Instead I saw Guzaarish again on TV today..what a movie ya.. simply amazing..I just want to go inside the screen and experience the sets..what beautiful sets..what amazing photography.. what pretty costumes!! and after that I saw of the very few films celebrating a women's sexuality.. the first two stories are hilarious especially Konkona and Prem Chopra one..Ila Arun is fab..the last two are somewhat okayish..overall a light hearted watch..
And also saw two episodes of Grey's.. how can a show be so good ya..Mark is back with Lexie :) Bailey got drunk..haha..loveeee her.. and she has found a new guy for her too...and Arizona came back from Africa but Callie shut the door on her face..and Teddy is marrying a sick guy to cure him as he doesn't have insurance..what a lady!! and Christina is finally getting back on track..she went fishing with Derek who is trying to heal her brilliantly..she caught a fish and cried like anything..what scene ya :( I hope you come back soon Dr. Yang..we miss you totally :( And Alex and Meredith were talking about themselves that only 2 of them survived..they had thought that out of all only 2 will stay till the end - Christina and either of them but look at life..Christina is out, Izzie is out, George is dead.. and Alex and Meredith remain..will watch more..
So enough for the day..will write more later...

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  1. u'r still teh same as u were in u say in girlish language "sweet"... :P


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