Thursday, August 12, 2010

Of Rainbows, Anjaana Anjaani and baanta hua pyar...

I love the trailer of Anjaana Anjaani..

Forget Worries
Forget Pain
Forget Sorrow
Forget Expectations
Forget Guilt
Forget Pressures
Forget Anxiety
Forget Disappointment

Sigh! if only, it was that simple in real life..perhaps that is why I love movies so much..It helps me escape from the realities I dither to accept..

Anyway..there is this scene in its trailer, when Ranbir opens his mouth and lights in the form on rainbow switch on and reach Priyanka standing on the other if the rainbow is staring from his mouth..Just amazing scene that..I keep on watching that trailer again and again just because of that spell binding scene..
I like Priyanka's name Kiara too..what a couple they make!! Both drop dead gorgeous..mirror cracking material as orkut used to say when it gave shady options to define your looks on your profile..

Talking of rainbows, I have been fascinated by them since I came to know about dispersion in Class 8 I guess..isn't it just thrilling that a white light can split into seven colours forming this resplendent pattern??? Nature always surprises you!! And while sitting on the flight from Goa to Mumbai, I saw this rainbow from the window seat and just kept looking at if it was following me..What a sight it was!! Maybe that is why I am in awe of the trailer from Anjaana Anjaani..

Long time since I wrote a dialogue or song of the day..
Malhotra: Shayd Rahul ki jagah aur koi hota tab bhi mujhe itna hi bura lagta..
Tina: Papa??
Malhotra: Tumhara pyar bat jayega na..

Song of the day: Tanha Tanha yahan pe jeena yeh koi baat hai..[special mention of the flute played in the song and Urmila's signature dance step :)]

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