Friday, February 12, 2010


Someone in office is jealous of me - I got this news today by a very good friend. But what is he jealous of? Apparently, he is jealous because this very good friend of mine talks to me!! It's not that he likes this friend in a romantic sort of way but because she is very popular ( and very good at heart too) and he wants to be popular and get the 'happening' news from her. He thinks that she tells me everything he wants to know, and sort of ignores him. I had been noticing a slight change in behaviour of this person towards me but ignored it. I am actually amazed that someone could be jealous of me???????? What do I have to make other people jealous :( kuch hota to sabse pehle mujhe bata do koi!!
I also envy some people but not in a hatred kind of way but in a way that I wish I could be like them which I know I can't. I still remember the words of our Class 9 Maths teacher, the super funny Mrs. Dubey ;) She once said "Don't be jealous, be zealous!"
Hmmm I just read a blog entry by someone who wrote this brilliant piece on broken pieces of glass. I am not posting it because I don't think he would like it as that person doesn't even know that I read his blog!! I am so zealous of his writing skills. I just wish I could even think 1% of the way he thinks.
I am zealous of many more things. More on it later :)
Tickets booked for MNIK.. yipeeeee... SRK rocks :)


  1. Envy is fine, jealous? well on the border line. Possessive? well thats dangerous.

  2. Dude!! if u cant be jealous, u cant progress...
    u vll be stagnant...

  3. Jealousy has some negative connotations, it is connected more to harm others, while being zealous is to be motivated to fo well yourself, I don't agree that it would lead to stagnation..

  4. in zeal, u don compare wid others but in jealousy, u tend to become bit insane in order to beat others n get more than them...provided u r not causing any harm to others in doin so...
    i think it depends upon person to person how he achieves his goals,,by being zealous or jealous..
    i prefer the 2nd way... :D

  5. I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link


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