Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I wrote a mail to a friend last week.. I had written one before also but I am still waiting for the reply but no issues, I understand the paucity of time but I just love writing mail to friends.. it is like writing letters which anyone hardly does these days.. the thrill of writing letters, going to the post office for stamps, putting it in the post boxes..(the red post box is so so much better than the green one)..waiting for the reply.. it is just amazing.. I know e-mail has better speed, the instant reply blah blah but I miss the old days, incidentally today only we were having a discussion whether the old time was better than today's.. I am very nostalgic about it.. I so wish to have a pen friend... I am posting on of my 'letters' that I wrote to a friend.. Apologies for publishing without her permission but I wrote it so I hope she won't mind.. and I am not writing nuclear secrets in it also ;)


How have you been? It is such a long time.. I had sent you a mail before also but no reply :P No, I am not blaming you, I understand how it is.. We think that we will write it tomorrow or on weekends and then it slips out of mind..that's human nature..

Anyways.. how is life going on there? How was CAT? Kya socha aage ka.. will you be giving GMAT this year? I don't know how will I manage..there is hardly any time to study ..only weekends jis pe man nahi karta :( pata nahi kya hoga..

and the weather here is so cold and depressing..probably the worst fog and that too in end Jan!! I love winters but is baar I am not liking it :D

And do you really miss college? Main sach bolu toh I don't miss itna.. I don't know why...vaise miss karne ka time kahan hai ;) Ab toh you would have become a smart corporate girl who is idolized by all..good in everything!! You must be rocking every project that you would have done... Any hot crushes? or a special person in your life who I might not be aware of ;D
Hmmm.. any new gossips? Who is doing what? or who is doing whom ;D ? Do tell...

Yeah.. aur you saw 3 Idiots? Did you like it? But main toh waiting for Ishqiya so desperately!! ( ab main movies ki baat to karunga hi.. aur aata hai kya hai mujhe :X )

I stay in Delhi but still I am not in much touch with anyone.. I really have no clue about others.. Its the same whether you are 1600 kms apart or 16 kms apart.. life goes on.. but life is getting real tough aage...maturity, responsibilities, sense..all of which are lacking.. anyway I would stop boring you.. I toh will never stop cribbing.. It is my favourite hobby you know that :D

I had planned to write a mail on New Year but something or the other kept cropping up so kept procrastinating.. wishing you a great year ahead and hope this new decade add stars to your life..( khud likha hai, churaya nahi hai cell se.. theek hai) I mean it, not saying for the sake of it..:D I will keep sending mails as I love writing mails (but only informal :D)

Chao chao for now..
Aal Iz Well...
Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna..


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