Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cinema, Lies, Illusion..

I saw Dil Bole Hadippa today. The movie is just average, very predictable.By now everyone knows that Rani plays a cricket fanatic girl who is not allowed to play cricket so she disguises as a boy and joins the cricket team. Since it is a Yashraj film, you expect lush green fields of Punjab, colourful Bhangra dancers, lale di jaan speaking India Pakistan friends and ek onkar being played in the background and since it is a cricket film, so you obviously know that who is going to win at the end. There is nothing new in the film..we have all seen it Lagaan, Chak De, Veer Zaara and other countless Yashraj films. The song jhappiyon sa desh hai mera reminds of Aisa desh hai mera from Veer Zaara, Shahid as captain-cum-coach reminds of Kabir Khan of Chak de! There is no novelty factor that is why the film has been panned by the critics. But what does work is the delightful Rani Mukherjee as Veer. Rani is a veteran actress and there have been no doubts over her acting prowess,only her selection of films..Thoda Pyaar,Laga Chunri ..all did not work because they were bad films and never has a doubt been cast over her. Rani as Veera is very predictable but Rani as Veer is very good. I also really liked the choreography of the songs. I give **1/2, only for Rani :) Come back Rani, there is no need for you to wear those bikinis and short clothes..you are terrific :)
Movies like these have no depth..typical one time watch with no layers.. anyway while the movie was being played I kept on thinking are films like those made by Yashraj responsible for creating an illusion about always brimming-with-happiness Punjab? There is so much poverty in the interiors of Punjab but have we ever seen a film on Punjab's poverty? UP, Bihar, Vidarbha..we all know of the immense hardship faced by the people in these areas but Punjab also has some of the poorest farmers..the drought has affected the farmers in these areas the most.. and this illusion..do films like those of Yashraj banner are responsible? I just remembered this discussion on TV a few months back when a religious sect of the Sikhs was murdered in Vienna and then there was immense public anger especially by Dalit Sikhs. I didn't know that Sikhs also had Dalit, thought it was only Hinduism. The immensely knowledgable Shekhar Gupta of Indian Express made this point that there is simmering discontent in Punjab and all is not well. This bonhomie is a sham..I guess I am over reacting after all everyone knows this is not reality just a film but some times cinema does paint a false picture and creates an illusion of reality.. Remember the hue and cry over Slumdog Millionaire?
Anyway, I am so so eagerly waiting for What's Your Rashee? I am addicted to its song Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain...it is not a great song but somehow it is captivating to me..I have been listening to it continuously for the past few days..it has all the beats of the other 12 songs from the film.. I hope the film is excellent..fingers crossed :)

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