Friday, July 24, 2009

Sankat City : No Sankat at all :)

Sankat City!! What a terrific movie!!

I had been wanting to go and watch this move ever since it released but the timings of the shows were too late.. at 11.20 pm in the night or somewhere around midnight..but today being Friday and I love Fridays because a) Weekend b) New movies, so time to read all reviews by Mayank Shekhar, Anupama Chopra, Rajeev Masand, Taran Adrash, Rediff, TOI, DNA and Passion for Cinema !!

So without digressing further, Sankat City PVR Saket 12.55 pm!! Whoa!!

Pankaj Advani's Sankat City is one hell of a movie..I don't remember the last time I laughed so much while watching a movie.. No, don't think Kambhakt Ishq..My views about Akhshay Kumar films are there in previuos posts..

So, what is the movie about? It is about a conman Guru who steals cars and re-sells them for money.One day, he steals the car of the don Faujdaar which had 1 crore rupees. Faujdaar finds about it and wants his money back from Guru but by some turn of events the crore rupees are lost! Now, Guru must payback 1 crore or he will die!!

It is a laugh riot..what truly remarkable is the characters..each character is etched out so brilliantly that it makes the movie a treat to watch..Faujdaar, Guru, Ganpat, Gogi, Mona, Philip Phattoo, Pachrasya, Gulbadan, Maharaj ji...all of the characters have a particualar quirk associated with them..the way they speak,the way they carry themselves..beautiful!! The movie has its flaws like dialogues were not really great and some scenes could have been even better!

It really is a proud thing for us that we have started to make such kind of movies but the audiences for these movies is still too less..there were hardly 8-9 people in the hall, though its the 3 week of the movie but The Hangover which was released 5-6 wweeks still goes housefull!! This year a lot of non stereotypical movies have released..Luck by Chance, DevD, Gulaal, Little Zizou, Barah Aana, Sankat City, Firaaq.. Apart from DevD which has become a cult film, none of the films have got great box office collections though getting critical acclaim..we need to watch these movies as well and discuss them people will watch a terrible movie like CC2C..we should watch these movies..liking or not likng them is an individual's choice but what is required is to discuss these movies as well, at least in the urban sectors and remove the boundaries like we have a parallel cinmea and mainstream cinema..

Go watch Sankat City now!!

My Rating ****

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